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Vega, it looks like you're just starting, so drawing from life was a really good choice. You should play with a lot of the basic ways to approach drawing to expand your visual vocab quickly. Some exercises to look up and play with: Contour Drawing, Blind Contour Drawing, Cross Contour Drawing, Gesture Drawing, and Planar Analysis Drawing. Keep drawing from life, the subject doesn't matter so much, but try to challenge yourself with a variety of objects that are built, organic, shiny, transparent, hard, soft, etc.

Get a set of soft artist's pencils, usually ranging from HB to 8B. Also pick up a graphite stick or graphite bar and a couple big erasers of different types.

What you did above is closest to contour drawing. You should set goals like doing 3 contour drawings in an hour, or 20 gesture drawings in an hour, etc.

Later, shading can be combined with any of the drawing techniques you practiced, but you don't have to worry about it yet.

If you do all the above and want some more advanced stuff to do let me know! Enjoy and good luck!
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art , purty pictures , tyrant art thread , we're this talented!?

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