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I don't wanna derail Chrono talk, but since I'll be out of the house all evening what the hell here's my list, complete with waaay too many selected tracks. I had to finish this off in haste, so a lot would change if I had more time to spend on it, especially the track selections...

*01. Chrono Cross (Chronomantic / Ancient Dragon Stronghold / Life ~ Faraway Promise)
*02. Legend of Mana (Title Theme / Song of Mana / Hometown Domina / Wind Sings of a Journey)
*03. Katamari Damacy (Katamari on the Rock / Getsu to Oji)
*04. Final Fantasy VI (Ending / Theme of Locke)
*05. Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger / Corridors of Time / Forest / Magus / Schala / Frog)
*06. Final Fantasy XII (Dalmasca Eastersand / To The Place of the Gods / Prelude / Clash otBBridge)
07. Bravely Default (Serpent Eating the Ground / That Person's Name Is / Land of Light and Shadow)
08. The World Ends With You (Twister / Calling / Someday)
*09. Okami (Ryoushima Plains II / Reset)
*10. Secret of Mana (Opening / Color of the Summer Sky)
11. Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds (Lorule Overworld 1 / Lorule Castle 4)
12. Suikoden III (Transcending Love (opening) / The Wind and the Earth)
*13. Shadow of the Colossus (Revived Power / The Farthest Land)
*14. Actraiser (Filmore / Opening)
15. Star Control II (Hyperspace / Melnorme / Orz)
*16. Super Metroid (Brinstar)
17. Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Shissou / Clash on the Big Bridge Oriental Vers)
*18. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Vampire Killer)
*19. Final Fantasy Tactics (Antipyretic / Trisection / Prologue Movie)
20. Valkyria Chronicles (Main Theme)
*21. Earthbound / Mother 2 (Ending)
22. Wild Arms (Intro Animation / Ending)
23. Rez (Fear / Buggie Running Beeps)
24. Space Channel 5 (Main theme)
*25. Gitaroo Man (Soft Machine / Flyin to Your Heart)
Thoughts on stuff we haven't already talked about:

I really love REVO's work on Bravely Default. Lots of super bombastic and over-the-top orchestral rock, but if anyone can make that work he's the one. And the (real) final battle music brings all the games leitmotifs together in a triumphal surge that rivals others we've talked about like Okami.

TWEWY's soundtrack I guess has been a little overshadowed by Persona at this point, but was one of the first RPGs to really work a modern pop/punk soundtrack. And since of course the game is vcompletely centered around of-the-moment city culture, it fits to a T.

I had Link Between Worlds as my Zelda pick because I adore every remix it has of the fantastic tunes from LTTP. And then there's Lorule Castle which brilliantly takes a literally inverted rendition of Hyrule Castle's theme and spins it into magic.

SuikoIII we already talked about. That intro is killer.

I'm wondering if anyone else voted for StarCon2. It's OST isn't the work of any one composer but rather a mix of submitted MIDI compositions (or rather, Tracker files, man that was a fun scene), some of which got shuffled around from their intended context. But man they're just a lot of fun, and got some real cool stuff out of old hardware.

Admittedly FFXIII-2 is a left-field choice that I picked partly to inject some iconoclasm into my FF selections, but man, acid jazz in my Final Fantasy? Hell yes it works. There's other good stuff in there too, plus it gives Hamauzu a look in.

Valkyria is just another great orchestral Sakimoto score I fell in love with.

Wild Arms is a hair's breadth (if that) from straight-up plagiarizing Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western works, but that sure made it memorable. And it's another one with a holy-shit revelation of an intro sequence.

Was a little surprised Rez didn't sneak onto the bottom of the list. It's a short soundtrack, but mind-blowing in context.

Less surprised about Space Channel 5, but I had to sneak it on my list because it's thanks to it that Mexican Flyer makes me smile to this day.

Also a few things in my notes that didn't quite make my submitted list for one reason or another and that we haven't talked about much already:
Seiken Densestsu III, FF Mystic Quest, Suikoden V, Super Mario RPG, Vib Ribbon, Blaster Master, Smash Bros (Brawl/Melee), Soul Calibur II, Little Big Planet
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