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(aka “Absolute Zero”)

Points: 77
Mentions: 3

First Round Rank: 72
First Round Points: 37
Movement between rounds: +24

Most Likely to Cosplay an Ice-Themed Character:
rkdn42 Ranked at #6

Binary Representation:N/A
Roman Numeral Representation:N/A
ASCII Symbol: N/A
Divisors: N/A
Other Notables: N/A

-273.15 celsius, known colloquially as “absolute zero,” represents the lowest temperature we’ve been able to reach in a laboratory setting. Beyond just being (both literally and physically) really, really cool, achieving temperatures near or at absolute zero also brings out weird properties in matter (like superfluidity and superconductivity).

It was a tough time picking out the picture for this number. I went on a journey through the corridors of frozen people cosplay. If you’re interested, here are a few choice selections:

Running average of all numbers under 10 Million: 221.7125
Running average of all numbers It's reasonable to include: 221.7125
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neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerds , numbers go down , numbers go sideways? , numbers go up , top 50 countdown

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