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Originally Posted by MCBanjoMike View Post

The cemetary is populated my skull mushrooms and one giant brain mushroom. There's also the
knife-wielding maniac, but I'm honestly not 100% sure what his costume is supposed to be.
Maybe Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Any horror buffs feel free to chime in here.
I thought he might have been Chucky from the Child's Play series.
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Originally Posted by Son of Sinistar View Post
I thought he might have been Chucky from the Child's Play series.
That would make a lot of sense, actually. He even has the right weapon for the costume!
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Oh god yeah. Those are a striped long-sleeved shirt and overalls.
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I loaded up the Wii version since the normal computer wasn't free, but for that one only the main character is a zombie, everyone else is normal. Boo.

Also CaveStory+ crashes on my laptop and when I did try it on the desktop it's huge and can't seem to be windowed to fit. Phooey!
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Originally Posted by Violentvixen View Post
I loaded up the Wii version since the normal computer wasn't free, but for that one only the main character is a zombie, everyone else is normal. Boo.
A friend of mine booted up CS+ on Steam and had this problem at first; you have to turn on the Remastered graphics. It doesn't work with Original graphics.
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So yep I can double-confirm that all of this amazingness is true for the Switch port. I tooled around in the boss rush mode to see some of the redesigned graphics and it's really pretty breathtaking how much effort they put into this.

Also I tweeted out a screencap of halloween mode and got retweeted by Nicalis, so that made me a very happy halloween vampire.

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Samus and Audrey Two, amazing. And was that transformed Balrog supposed to be Wart?
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Default Chapter 12, Part 1

Chapter 12: Catching Up
Part One - Brace Brace
Welcome back to Let's Play Cave Story! Today, we're starting our second run of the game
and this time, we won't settle for anything less than the BEST ENDING. Because we might
have stopped the Doctor's plans last time, but at what cost? The island ruined, our friends dead,
honestly it was kind of a downer.

So for this part of the LP, I'll be showing you how to do things right. And the single most important
part of doing it right is atoning for our past mistakes by saving Curly Brace. Because of course
there is a way to save Curly, even if it is extremely convoluted and unintuitive. What's more,
getting the good ending largely hinges on you doing just that. So are you ready to save her this
time? Are you??

Well too bad!

Because while saving Curly Brace is great, being Curly Brace is even better!

This is Curly Story, an extra mode that you can unlock is most of the commercial versions of
Cave Story. Curly Story started as a mod for the freeware game that simply swapped the sprites
of Curly and the protagonist and called it a day. Nicalis went a little farther with their take on
it, as you'll see soon enough. That said, playing as Curly doesn't change much of substance;
the plot and gameplay are all the same as before.

But you know what isn't the same?

The translation, dun dun dun. Every commercial release of Cave Story features this new translation
by Nicalis, which is pretty much reviled by the fan community. It seems to be a much more direct
and/or literal translation of the game, which lends it a kind of fan-sub-like quality. There are
awkward turns of phrase everywhere and some of the best lines have been replaced, seemingly
because it just wouldn't do to keep anything from the Aeon Genesis translation. It's not all
terrible, though, so I'll do my best to show off the best and worst of the changes. But don't
expect me to transcribe every scrap of dialogue this time around.

Aside from the translation, there are two other big changes that Cave Story+ brings to the table.
The first is pretty obvious: everything's super sharp now! Most of Nicalis' Cave Story ports feature
an (optional) set of new artwork, redrawn at stunning 640x480 resolution. That is so many pixels,
guys! The creation of the new art was apparently overseen by Pixel himself, and for the most part I
really like it. Replaying the freeware version of the game has admittedly renewed my appreciation for
the original chunky 320x240 artwork, but you can't deny that everything looks pretty crisp this way.

The other big change is one you folks can't see, but which I definitely appreciate. The original
version of Cave Story runs at 50 FPS, whereas Cave Story+ hums along at 60. That means that
everything is precisely 20% faster than it used to be, and personally I find it feels much better this
way. The funny thing is that I didn't notice the change when I first played the Wii port of the game,
but going back to the freeware port now is really tough for me. It's so slow! I honestly thought the
game wasn't working properly when I first started this LP, since I'd played the Wii version a bunch
in the last year and was used to the faster pace.

Between the graphical options, the various soundtracks and the increased framerate, I prefer the
Nicalis ports of Cave Story to the original at this point. The Steam version is aces and the Wii port
is almost as good (though it has fewer options for the graphics and sound). There's obviously
the unfortunate matter of the translation, but if you're the enterprising sort, you can hack the
Aeon Genesis translation back into the Steam version of the game and have the best of all possible
worlds. Or nearly the best; sadly, the Switch port remains the only place to go if you crave puppy
stacking (which you should).

That's enough blather for now, let's get this show on the road. We pick up the Polar Star and are
treated to the next scene of Kazuma's IRC chat festival. The new text has some more of that rough
awkwardness to it, but I do appreciate that he doesn't capitalize anything in his text chat - that's
definitely more realistic.

If we're being totally honest, I think the Nicalis translation gets more flak than it deserves. It
definitely has some problems (and it definitely abuses punctuation!!!), but there are a few spots
where it shines, too. Though probably not enough to excuse "LOL just kidding!!!" if we're being

Speaking of problems, this version of Toroko has apparently forgotten about pronouns.

We fall down into the Mimiga Village and strike up a conversation with King. But this time...

...the conversation isn't completely one-sided. That's right, Curly can talk! In the Nicalis version
of Curly Story, she keeps her personality and most of her lines of dialogue - plus she gets a bunch
of new lines for when she interacts with the other characters. This is one place where I think they
did a pretty good job; most of what she says fits her character and a lot of the little quips are
pretty fun. I'll try to show off as many of her interactions with the NPCs as I can.

Originally Posted by Kanpachi
No, but I know who she is.
That cute girl who's always hiding inside Arthur's house, right?
She recently came to Mimiga Village.
She fell into the reservoir there. I don't think she's very fond of us.
It seems like she hates everyone in the village,
but she's a Mimiga, same as the rest of us...
After a quick run-in with Toroko, we head back out of the reservoir just as King gets bowled over.

Woof. Well, let's go talk to Mahin.

Originally Posted by Mahin
Sue? Oh!
You mean the girl staying at Arthur's house, right?
She lives together with Toroko. That girl's a real cutie.
She must be lookin' for flying dragons.
Wonder if there really is such a thing...
...Dragons that fly in the sky.
We head into the shack, where Toroko assaults us with a tree branch again.

It maybe doesn't make a lot of sense for Toroko to call Curly a brat, but it is kinda cute. We
knock her down with another shot from the trusty Polar Star.

Originally Posted by Toroko
You're not the Doctor?

Originally Posted by Toroko
Oh, sorry 'bout that.
The Doctor's such a cruel and evil person.
He shows up in the village and kidnaps times even killing someone.
The Doctor--he killed my older brother.
Ah! That pendant! You picked it up for me? Sue gave it to me!
But, I don't want it anymore. King gets bent out of shape when Sue and I get along.
Please keep it.

Oh what?

Balrog: I found you! It's no use hiding from me. I've got the nose of a clever Harrier!
Misery: Indeed.

UGH. There's so much wrong with this version of the scene that I just don't know where to start.
Balrog's classic catch phrase has been befouled and Misery's pithy reply has lost all its punch.
I'm willing to bet that like 50% of the resentment toward this translation comes from this one
early, important scene.

Balrog: I found her first!
Toroko: You two, you're with the Doctor!!
Misery: You must be Sue. The great Doctor has summoned you. Come along with me.

Toroko's protest here is another pretty awkward line.

Originally Posted by Balrog
Not THIS again! I ALWAYS have to clean up!
And I'm the one who found her, not Misery!

Originally Posted by Balrog
Huh? All right then, I'm gonna go back home.
Mogri pointed this out way back in Chapter 1, but when Balrog asks if you want to fight him, you
can just say no and he'll leave! It's a fun little Easter egg.

Originally Posted by Mahin
Bah... Now the only girl left in the entire village is Sue.

Whoa there, Jack, ease up on the punctuation a little, there won't be any left for Nanami.

Here's a shot of the graveyard, just for fun. We grab the key and head to Arthur's house.
(Also I messed up my screenshots and the next batch all had to be cropped, which also made
them a little blurry. Please understand.)

Next stop, Egg Corridor! This little bit of text irks me for an extremely nitpicky reason. Basil
down there does 100 damage, which is enough to kill you no matter how many Life Capsules
you find, but that's not the deadliest attack in the game! The giant scary spikes do 128
damage, making them approximately 28% deadlier.

Although one could argue that both attacks are 100% deadly, so in fact there's no difference. BUT I STILL DON'T LIKE IT.

We catch up to Sue, who loses her confrontation with Igor once again. Curly doesn't have
anything to say about the situation, so let's move on.

Originally Posted by Cthulhu
Where is your quiet friend?

Ha ha, that's such a great reply.

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Default Chapter 12, Part 2

We school Igor and head inside to see how Sue is doing. The conversation plays out pretty
much the same as before, at least until Sue turns to leave the room.

Originally Posted by Sue
Um... Are you from this island?
You don't seem like you are.

Originally Posted by Sue
Maybe you're lost? Fine. I'll let you come with me.
We can get off this island together, if you want.
But in return, you're gonna have to help me.

We head back to Arthur's house. Meanwhile, Sue is chatting away with Kazuma.

There's nothing particularly interesting about this version of their conversation, but there's
something about this one line that I find pleasing.

Where now?? Of all the sins that the Nicalis translation commits, eliminating Grasstown from
the game is maybe the one that stings the most. Some people will never know it was ever
called Grasstown! son thinks it's called Bushlands.

I've failed as a father. D:

Of course, before we get back to the house, King comes a-knocking.

Sue's exit is not a graceful one.

This line is actually kind of awkward in the original translation, too. This might even be an
improvement? Anyway, let's go talk to Sue.

Originally Posted by Sue
I've been caught.
The Doctor's men mistook another Mimiga for me and kidnapped her instead.
That girl, Toroko, she treated me so well when I had trouble getting used to everything.
Sue asks Curly for a favor (I forgot to screencap that specific line, oops).

Sue: My brother, Kazuma, is stuck in an area called Bushlands Grasstown.
Sue: Bring him back here.
Curly: Sure, but how do I get there?
Sue: Easy, use the teleporter inside of Arthur's house.


Anyway, here's Santa.

Santa: Hi, my name is Santa.
Santa: I went to get some water and was attacked by those monsters.
Santa: So I ran back home, but I dropped my key on the way back.
Santa: Now I can't get into my own home.
Curly: Maybe I can get it for you.

We go grab the key and Santa invites us in for presents, but first we take a detour to
go talk with the other Cthulhu up above.

I really like that Curly makes no effort to distinguish between this Cthulhu and the one in the
Egg Corridor. He doesn't have anything interesting to say, so we grab the Fireball from Santa
and head out into Grasstown. Because that's what it's called.

Originally Posted by Chako
You wanna go through my fireplace?
For that you're going to need to get a bit of Jellyfish Juice.
The big jelly has it.
Let's just take a quick rest before we head back out...

Chako don't discriminate, she'll get down with any fine-lookin' robot who comes her way.

Here's a shot of one of my favorite spots in the game for sheer chaos.

We've got the juice! And now that we have it, we can go back to the Mimiga Village to pick
up the Bubbler!

Except that we totally won't, because the Bubbler kinda sucks. I mean, it's really neat and
fun, but as a weapon it's basically dead weight. We've got some very tough fights ahead of us
and I'd rather not have the Bubbler cluttering up my inventory because, no joke, it makes it
harder to remember how many times to push the "change weapon" button to go from one
(useful) weapon to another. Sorry, Bubbler!

We do grab the charcoal from Santa's fireplace, though.

Uuugggghhhh. Let's move on.

We poof a couple of ghost cacti...

...before finding Kazuma in his shelter. He gives us the key to open the door.

But of course, there's still no keyhole here. We head back to break the news to him.

Originally Posted by Kazuma
Huh, what do you mean?
It's not the right key for that door?!?
Well, that's upsetting.
Real talk, I love that last part of Kazuma's reaction. A point to House Nicalis!

Clearly, our next step is to go pay our good buddy MALCO a visit. Sadly, in this version of
the game he has been downgraded and is no longer an acronym.

Oh no.
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Default Chapter 12, Part 3

Originally Posted by Balrog
Did you know that the Mimiga I found wasn't Sue?

Originally Posted by Balrog
Yep, she wasn't Sue!!
Because of that, the Doctor was extremely upset.

Just what the script needed, a bit of casual sexism! -10 points to House Nicalis.

Originally Posted by Balrog
Well, the master can't be disobeyed, so...
That's our fate.
This time I'm here to break you for real.
Better prepare yourself!
Of course, Balrog still doesn't present too much of a challenge. Shortly:

One of the rare instances where the exact same line is used by both translations (although
with more punctuation here, naturally).

Originally Posted by He'll always be MALCO in our hearts
I would like to do something for you to express my gratitude!
But, with that said, I am only capable of making bombs...

Originally Posted by MALCO 4EVER
Why do you need it opened?

Originally Posted by M.A.L.C.O.
Someone is trapped inside?!
You definitely are a nice lady!
I understand! Let us make a bomb then!
We will demolish that door!
Thankfully, old Mal is as enthusiastic as ever.

Originally Posted by Kazuma
What? Use a BOMB?? On that door???
I find it very hard to read this as anything other than extreme sarcasm on Kazuma's part.

Kazuma: That's a possibility...
Curly: I'm looking for the stuff.
Kazuma: You mean materials, right?
Curly: Yep, charcoal, Jellyfish Juice and some gum base.
Kazuma: Did you say gum base? Wait a sec--
*Obtained the Gum Key*
Kazuma: It was hanging on the wall. The word "Gum" was written on it.
Kazuma: I'm sure it must be related somehow. I'm counting on you, young lady!

Sometimes Curly will say things that would have been narrated in a regular playthrough, as
in this case.

This mid-tier Mimiga still doesn't put up much of a fight, however.

Kaboom! It's bedlam!

Here's a shot of the hi-res Jumbo Jelly.

We make our way allllllll the way back to the right to the Gum warehouse.

Originally Posted by Misery
You again. Do you remember me?? That's right, in Mimiga Village...
I didn't notice at the time, but now I remember.
Aren't you that girl from the surface?
I don't know how you were able to stay alive.
At this point, Balrog shows up again.

Balrog: That's the enemy! She might even be stronger than you, Misery!
Misery: Is that so? Well, it's a good thing this soldier girl is your job.
Misery: Break her for sure this time then come back.
Balfrog: Crooooak!!

We take care of this amphibian without much hassle, then bring the materials back to MALCO.

Originally Posted by MALCO
And Jellyfish Juice! The Gum Base, too!
I will commence making the bomb immediately!
MALCO'S reaction here is totally fine, but the AG translation's version was delightful, so it's
still kind of a step down. We've no time to gripe, though, so we grab the bomb, take it over to
the shelter and...

Originally Posted by Kazuma
You did well, young lady!
Just one look and I knew--
I knew you could do it!
My name is Kazuma Sakamoto. But please call me Kazuma.
Luckily, I was able to escape from the Doctor, but then...
I was teleported here.
It felt like I was about to die of total starvation...
You're a real life saver!
Have you heard of a place called Mimiga Village?
I like that Kazuma retains his more low-key personality. Concretely, that translates into less
punctuation abuse than you get from most of the characters in Cave Story+.

Kazuma: I see... So, you've come to get me in place of Sue.
Curly: That's right!
Kazuma: Let's go! Take me to the village!
Before that happens, Booster teleports in.

Booster: Is that you, Kazuma?!
Kazuma: Professor Booster!! So you're safe!
Booster: Yes, somehow. And how's Sue? Is she safe?!
Kazuma: Sue's in Mimiga Village. This girl will get us there.
Booster: Oh...
Booster comes over to stare blankly at Curly...

...and Curly responds in kind.

Booster: Anyway, let's hurry and get to Sue's location. The Doctor has started to gather the Mimiga.
Booster: It appears he's taken notice of the red flowers.
Kazuma: But, Sue is a... Will the red flowers work on Sue as well? Just like the others?
Booster: Kazuma. The Doctor has commenced snatching the Mimiga. Do you understand what this means?
Kazuma: ...So the Doctor and the war?
Booster: That's right. And now we're the only ones who can stop him.
Kazuma: But how are we going to stop the Doctor?
Booster: I have an idea. At any rate, let's hurry and get back to Sue. We'll discuss when we're there.
Booster: [to Curly] I want you to come to.
So this dialogue is totally OK, right? Right. Just wanted to show you that it's not a non-stop
trash fire. There are a few egregious spots, but for the most part it gets the job done. Although
I'll admit that "commenced snatching" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

Anyway, we head outside to where the hoverbike is waiting.

Kazuma: I'm counting on you. Lead us to the Mimiga Village!
Booster: Kazuma.
Kazuma: Yes?
Booster: Does that thing work?

I find it interesting that Kazuma and Sue are a lot less deferential towards Booster in this
version of the game. Anybody know what kind of honorifics were used in the original Japanese?

Back at the Mimiga Village, I'm starting to wonder why I ever bother defending this translation.

Sue: ...Yes. The Doctor plans to use the red flower to have all of you attack the humans.
Jack: Why would he do such an awful thing?!?

That's kind of a strange way to put it, but I also find this line pretty memorable, so.

Jack: Will he force Toroko to eat the red flower?
Sue: The Doctor is still searching for the red flower. It's good if he hasn't found the location yet.
Jack: If he finds the red flower Toroko will be...
Sue: She'll be filled with rage and turn into a weapon of death.

Oh King. Oh buddy.

I'm getting tired of transcribing dialogue and the next scene is pretty chatty, so let's call it a
day for now. The keen-eyed among you will notice that we haven't taken any steps yet toward
saving Curly Brace that one guy - and we probably won't next time, either! We won't start down
that path for a little while yet, but don't worry, I'll find a few new things to show you as we
continue our journey into the Sand Zone. Please look forward to it next time on Let's Play
Cave Story(+)! Oh yeaaah!! No we are not doing that. Huzzah!
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Were they deliberately evoking the Kool-Aid Man?
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Maaaaan you're such a tease! But exploring every corner of Cave Story is a worthwhile task, so I'm excited for wherever we go next with this.

And I'll say that I can deal with the Nicalis translation if it means I get to play that beautiful high-res version on my Switcheroo.
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Originally Posted by Mogri View Post
Were they deliberately evoking the Kool-Aid Man?
They absolutely have to be, I think.
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Especially given that it happens right as he bursts through a wall door, yes, I'm pretty sure it's a reference. Can't find any official confirmation on the internet, but who'd ever want to admit to that anyway?
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Yay glad to see new content, MCBanjoMike!
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cave story , dark souls of undertale , huzzah! , indie , let's play , platformers , studio pixel , they're balls of yarn

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