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Default Continued from previous post.

♪Courageous Fight♪

Boss battle!
HP: 250
MP: 0
Attack: 40
Defense: 35
Speed: 35
Wisdom: 0
Abilities: Sweepkick (target may lose a turn), slash fiercely (stronger physical attack), watch health (skips a turn)

Like the previous two boss fights, Sap comes in handy here. Nelson will spend most of the early battle defending, but when he starts attacking, he can kick some arse. In general, when Roku's HP hits the 20s, it would be a good time to heal, whether by magic or herbs.

♪Devil's Tower♪

Eventually, Nelson is defeated.

Please follow me.

Don't mind if I do!

The Broken Heart is the item Soldi wants. It's also a pretty nice accessory, boosting the wearer's Defense by 15 and Style by 10. Shame we can't keep it, but at least it is possible to get more Broken Hearts later.

By the way, the Japanese name of the Broken Heart is the Unbreakable Heart, which makes more sense given the context here. At least Broken Heart seems like an honest mistake, whereas the DS translation's "Restless Heart" comes across of yet another of their arbitrary changes.

Will do!

On a related note, has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like the good general?

Now that I've passed the test, there are no negative repercussions to jumping off the roof, so we can use it as a shortcut out of the tower. The journey back to Reidock is uneventful, so let's cut to Roku reporting to General Soldi.

♪At the Palace♪

Soldi: You truly have the skills of a soldier. As a royal soldier, certain things will be expected of you.
(The standard Dragon Quest level-up fanfare plays)
Soldi: Welcome to the great army of Reidock, Roku.

And with that, we've joined the royal army! Next time, we take advantage of our new position to loot the castle.
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Seems like the left door is correct, provided the people in this puzzle adhere to the standard trope of speaking only truths or only lies.

But what an awful job, to stand in front of doors all day waiting to lie to someone about their contents.
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En route, we encounter a new enemy. Roaris are mostly unremarkable, but can build up power, skipping a turn to do more damage on the next. Their name is kind of a weird mistranslation - the Japanese name is どくろあらい (dokuro arai), meaning something like "skull wild." That doesn't really make sense, though, so I can see why NoProgrss changed it.
Unremarkable my butt! It's a kangaroo that bashes your skull with another skull! That's wild!
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Originally Posted by Kahran042 View Post
First of all, some food for thought: How can one little ring reduce its wearer's style by 20 points?
Maybe it's a really ugly ring?

Also, I guess that blue candidate supposed to be a reference the 1st DQ's hero, isn't he?
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Ahahaha god that second ring. Christ.
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Default Horsing Around

Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Unremarkable my butt! It's a kangaroo that bashes your skull with another skull! That's wild!
That's a good point. Maybe I've just been desensitized to remarkability from my years of studying JRPG monsters.

Originally Posted by Sensenic View Post
Maybe it's a really ugly ring?
The Japanese DQ wiki I've been using as a source describes it as "gaudy" and "unfashionable," so that would make sense. Shame there isn't any official art of it AFAIK.

Originally Posted by Sensenic View Post
Also, I guess that blue candidate supposed to be a reference the 1st DQ's hero, isn't he?
Maybe. I know that the one in the arrow room is based on the male Fighters from DQ3, so that's not too far-fetched..

Originally Posted by Mogri View Post
Seems like the left door is correct, provided the people in this puzzle adhere to the standard trope of speaking only truths or only lies.
You've got it! I'll be showing off the other two doors in a bonus update. But for now, let's get on with the main update, in which we explore Reidock Castle. We'll start off by talking to Soldi and the two guards in this room.

♪At the Palace♪

Soldi: But remember, as a royal soldier, you must help those in trouble.

Which means that we're probably going to meet someone in trouble soon.

Both guards: Well done, Roku.

That doesn't matter. The king isn't seeing anyone right now.

That would line up with what everyone else has been saying, and with the fact that he didn't visit this year's bazaar.

You may also have noticed that the extra guards blocking the way further in are gone. They've actually been gone since Roku returned with the Broken Heart, but I don't want to have any updates go over three posts, so I made the decision to explore the castle in a separate update from returning, and it makes more sense that way anyway IMHO. For the sake of arbitrariness, I'll check out the east wing first.

(Yes) - It seems that Mudo knows much about our world. But he may not know about the phantom world. So I am researching that for the king.
(No) - Mudo wants to conquer the entire world. But the king continues to hold him back. We never know when or where he will attack. And he just vanishes when the battle is over. I wish I had more information that could help us win this war.

None of the bookshelves have anything worth reading, except for the second from the right.

But no one knows where he is now.

Alluding, of course, to the Medal King, who appears in some form in every DQ game since III, if I'm not mistaken. Naturally, he will appear in this one, but not for a while.

In the basement are two chests behind a barred door that the Thief's Key can't unlock. Looks like we'll have to come back here once we've gotten a better key.

Protect and serve.

The north end of the west wing houses the royal kitchen. Here's what the staff has to say.

Woman in apron: The king doesn't sleep. Therefore it is important that I prepare nutritious meals.
Young man: Have you already met the king?
(Yes) - Doesn't he look great considering how much work he has to do?
(No) - It may be easier to see him early in the morning.

More important than that, though, is a pot containing our first Small Medal! It's useless for now, but when we meet the Medal King, we can trade it for items, as the book in the library said. It's also worth noting that Small Medals actually appear on screen when acquired, unlike other items.

Soldier: This is the prison. Please don't talk to the prisoners.

Prisoners? I only see one. And who knows, he might know something about what's going on.

Prisoner: That crazy horse... I couldn't grab the reins... Every time I got close, it ran away.

That's two people now who have mentioned an uncontrollable horse. It'll probably come up again at some point. That's everyone on the first floor and in the basement talked to, so let's move on to the second floor. First off, the areas east of Soldi's room.

(No) - I can't let you pass. The king is very busy.
(Yes) - By all means, go ahead. (moves aside)

Looks like meeting the king is going to be easier than everyone said.


Or not. Let's see what the other people on this floor have to say.

I think he does it to torment the soldiers.

Upper left soldier: You've only just become a solder. (sic) Surely, the king won't see you yet.
Lower left soldier: The king knows very little about Mudo. So he funds a lot of research.
Right soldier: Battles are usually decided in the first few minutes. That is why we must be properly prepared!

The door south of the war room leads to the other side of the battlements, so let's head back to Soldi's room...

...and check out this door in the south wall.

[I]The king has an important mission for me. Surely I would be better off fighting with the army at my side.

That sounds pretty cool, so let's head to the courtyard.

Oh, that's what he meant by horseless wagon. Still, that seems like the type of trouble a Reidock soldier could help with, so let's talk to the old guy.

Could you maybe find a horse to pull it again?

(No) - So disappointing...
(Yes) - I look forward to a time when this wagon again is used.

And we've got another quest! The horse mentioned earlier is said to be in a forest west of Reidock, so after resting off the damage from the tower, Roku heads out...

♪Another World♪

...but is stopped after a few steps by a familiar voice.

Hassan: By the way, were you planning on catching the wild horse? There's no way you could do that by yourself. Let me help. We'll capture it together.

Hassan seems like a good guy, so sure. Besides, he'll join you no matter what you say.


And we've got our first party member!

Based on his stats, Hassan is obviously a very physically-oriented character. However, he's woefully underleveled and could use some new equipment, so I'm going to do a bit of off-screen training with him. Be back soon!

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Default Continued from previous post.

One grinding session later...

In addition to the obvious stat boosts, Roku has learned Remember, which expands the storage space of Recall, and Hassan has learned Jump Kick, a technique that does extra damage to flying enemies.

But enough about that - we've got a horse to catch!

This is the forest where the horse can be found, as the sign states.

As a side note, there's apparently a single-tile Peninsula of Power Leveling in this area, but it's hard to spot because, well, it's one tile and you can only encounter the overpowered monsters if you get into a fight while crossing that precise tile.

Anyway, let's head into the forest itself.

The horse is in the eastern part of the forest, but when Roku and Hassan approach it... runs away. At least it didn't attack them, but it won't be easy to catch.

This will happen every time you approach the horse. On the fourth attempt, you'll have gone in a full circle, and Hassan notices this

Hassan: Let me think... Okay, here's the plan. You go east and chase it north. I'll be there and we'll corner it in the northern clearing.

Sounds like a good plan, so let's give it a shot!

Like the previous times, the horse neighs and runs off...

...but this time, there's nowhere for it to run.

What he said.

You can approach the horse, but you can't actually make any progress without talking to Hassan first.

Roku and Hassan head up to the dead end where the horse is cornered...

...and surround it.

Hassan: How odd... For such a wild horse it seems so calm...
Horse: Hrmph!
Hassan: Careful Roku. We don't know what it'll do. What should we name it?

(Yes) - He'll be a good steed. Let's go.
(No) - I think I can name it. We caught it because of my plan. Let's go!

Either way, the horse is named Falshion. I'm not complaining - it's a cool name.


♪Another World♪

Although Falshion follows you, he doesn't take part in battles. It doesn't matter too much, though - Roku and Hassan can take out pretty much anything in this area easily.

♪In the Town♪

The trip back to Reidock is fairly uneventful, but there is an amusing little scene you can trigger at this point. You may remember that this traveling merchant was injured by Falshion. If you talk to him with Falshion following you...

But it'll probably be a lot safer. Is that a horse?? Nooo! Keep it away!

In fact, a lot of the people in Reidock have new dialogue if Falshion is following you. I'll show it off in a bonus update later. For now, let's get him to the old man with the wagon. Unfortunately, there's a bit of a problem at the castle gate.

(Yes) - Good. We understand each other.
(No) - Okay, I'll pretend not to watch. Just stay off the second floor!

♪At the Palace♪

And with that, we're in. Let's take Falshion to the courtyard.
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Default Continued from previous post.

Surely it can pull this wagon. What do you say? Will you try?

But thou must!

The king will be pleased.

At this point, you have to talk to the old man again or try to leave.

Since it's kind of vague, I'm pretty sure that Soldi was the one talking about what a wonderful sight it was earlier, especially based on this next line.

Soldi: This is what the royal army needs. Hassan, you are now a royal soldier. Remember to act like it.

I think that Hassan might have gotten burned here.

Before saying this, Hassan jumps up into the air, but I wasn't able to screenshot it.

[I]Soldi: Don't celebrate yet. Mudo is preparing for another attack! We must strike first. Come, let's go see the king![/IMG]

Soldi leads Roku and Hassan to the soldier guarding the stairs to the top floor.

Soldi: Ahem.

With that, the guard steps aside, and the three head up the stairs.

Minister: Excuse me, your highness. Soldi is here.
(Soldi enters the throne room, followed by Roku and Hassan, and approaches the king)
Soldi: Your majesty! I bring before you the two newest members of the royal guard. These two caught the wild horse despite the danger involved. Men like these will help us to repel the armies of Mudo.
(Soldi returns to his position next to Roku)
King: Hmmm... You may be right.
(The king steps forward)
King: I have an errand for them. I have recently learned of the Mirror of Ra. Supposedly, it can reveal the true nature of things. Perhaps I can use it against Mudo when he disappears... We will finally know where he goes! I want you to find this mirror for me. I hope you will not disappoint me. Go forth, soldiers of the royal army!
(The three generic soldiers exit)

After this, we can talk to the people in the throne room. Here's what they have to say.

King: Since you have a horse for the wagon, And I no longer have use of it, you may take it with you.

I'm sure it will come in handy.

Minister: The northeast gate has been opened to the royal soldiers. That includes you, Roku and Hassan.
Soldi: When the king asks you to do something, you should do it. Go find that mirror!
Guard in throne room: His majesty only speaks with important people.
Guard on landing: The king doesn't take failure very well.

The king's bedroom also has some new NPCs to talk to.

Woman: This is the king's bedroom. Since the king never sleeps, only the cat stays here...
Cat: Meow.

And there's a Silver Tiara in his dresser.

According to Identify, neither Roku nor Hassan can equip it, so we'll probably be getting another new party member soon. For now, though, let's call it a day. Next up will be a couple of bonus updates, after which the search for the Mirror of Ra begins.

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Default Bonus Update 1: In Thy Task Thou Hast Failed

Before progressing with the plot, there are a couple of bonus updates I promised you. First of all, what happens if you fail the trials in the tower, in addition to what lies behind the two incorrect doors on the fourth floor.

♪Devil's Tower♪

I'll be taking the right door, since it's the most interesting. However, as you can see, there's a bed of spikes behind the middle door. So the old man was telling the truth - you would only be hurt if you chose his door.

The stairs lead to this small room. The dresser contains a Small Medal, which I'll probably get offscreen in the main playthrough, but let's talk to the guy at the table for now.

That's impressive considering that you're not yet a soldier. Here. Take this.

You should take it back to the castle.

Sounds easy enough.

However, the only way to do so is to jump off the roof, but I'm sure Soldi will be pleased with a gold ring... right?

♪At the Palace♪


Soldi's line isn't really something that can be answered with yes or no, but what the heck. Here are his responses to both.


Soldi: You should consider another door.


♪Evil World♪

Soldi: Come back when you've found what I want.

As a side note, the little musical stinger that plays when you say "No" is known as the "evil motif" in Japan. It appears in a lot of other tracks, too. For fun, try going through the soundtrack and seeing how many times you can notice it!

Anyway, back to the tower! However, as you may recall, jumping off the roof is a failure condition. Another failure condition is leaving the tower after opening the east door in the puzzle room. As you may also recall, meeting two failure conditions means you've failed the test.

♪Devil's Tower♪

This means that when you return to the roof, Nelson will not be guarding the door.

It's too bad you didn't arrive earlier.

As Nelson said, Hassan has beaten Roku to the treasure. As you might expect, he just punches the chest open.

(Hassan turns around)
Hassan: Too bad, Roku. It's mine.

Although we've failed the test, let's head back to the castle anyway.

♪At the Palace♪

Soldi: Feel free to explore the castle until I have need of you.
Hassan: Thank you. I promise to serve you well. Excuse me.
Soldi: Go with pride.
(Hassan exits to the left)

Let's see what Soldi has to say to Roku if he fails the test.

Soldi: Unfortunately, I've already given the title to Hassan. It's so hard to find strong soldiers for the king's army.

Maybe if you allowed more than one person to join at a time, it would be easier to find strong soldiers. Just a thought, really. Seriously, though, that's something that's always bugged me about this section of the plot.

The exploration of the castle and meeting the wagon owner goes as normal, but when you go to capture Falshion, Hassan's dialogue is a bit different.

♪Another World♪

Hassan: You probably weren't cut out to be a soldier anyway. I'm planning to catch the wild horse that everyone is talking about. I'll probably need a little help to trap it. Maybe if you impress me, I'll let you stay around. What do you say? Will you help me?

He'll join you no matter what you say, but I like his response to "No" on this path, so I'll show it off.

Hassan: From this day forth, we shall be like brothers!
Hassan joined the group!

He still joins at level 3 in this path, which makes me wonder how he was able to beat Nelson, who was a worthy opponent for Roku when he was at level 9. After this, the quest to capture Falshion goes as normal, except for these two lines:

That's it for what happens if you fail the test. It should be noted that you get to keep the Gold Ring even if you show it to Soldi, and it's a pretty nice accessory that boosts the wearer's Defense and Style by 5 each. When you consider the fact that going through the right door is only a failure condition if you leave the tower, the best path would probably be to get the Gold Ring, then fight Nelson as normal. That way, you get the Gold Ring and the 120 experience you get for beating Nelson, plus the Seed of Strength that he has a 1/32 chance of dropping.

Since this is a pretty short update by the standards of this LP, here's General Soldi's official art.

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Default Bonus Update 2: Fun with Falshion

Since this update is all about our trusty steed sidekick, it would only be appropriate to start with some official art of Roku and Hassan catching him.

Now for the meat of the update. Since Falshion follows you after you catch him, you can show him to a lot of NPCs for a reaction. We've already seen his former owner's reaction, but here are the others.


This is the castle town of Reidock.

Of course not. There isn't such a thing...

Also, pegasi tend to have wings, which Falshion distinctly lacks.

It is a splendid horse indeed!

The horse in the western forest is just too dangerous.

Huh? No, it can't be.... Aaaahhh!

By the way, he actually trembles in fear while saying this.

Reidock Castle:

It's so big...

Guard, guard! See! I'm not really crazy!

Soldi: However, it is a splendid horse. You should show the old man.

You've got to be kidding.

His wagon has no horse. Perhaps your horse will be strong enough to pull it.

Unfortunately, Falshion only follows you in Reidock, so there aren't NPC reactions to him in other towns. I'm kind of disappointed, to be honest.
With the bonus updates out of the way, next time we'll get back to the main plot and start searching for the Mirror of Ra!
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Originally Posted by Kahran042 View Post

Looks like the only way to proceed from here is to jump.

It looks like you can jump down behind the guy who pushes you off the tower. Can you do actually do that?
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Default Home Improvement

First of all, a fun fact: I knew Dragon Quest was really big in Japan, but I did not know until today that there's a DQ ballet. It's called "Dragon Quest Legend", and features music from the games and some Sugiyama originals.

Next point of order, Lucas' question:

Originally Posted by Lucas View Post
It looks like you can jump down behind the guy who pushes you off the tower. Can you do actually do that?
Unfortunately, no. Jumping from that ledge just drops you in front of the guy, defying all spatial logic.

Now for the update proper.

♪Another World♪

As he says, from now on you'll have access to the wagon on the world map and in certain dungeons. Since it's just Roku and Hassan right now, it doesn't have much use, but when we start getting more party members it'll come in handy. Now, before we start the search for the Mirror of Ra, there is a loose end to tie up.

♪Devil's Tower♪

Specifically, the Small Medal in the Tower of Trials. Unfortunately, all the NPCs are gone, so there's no way to get the Gold Ring.

This is what the gatekeeper has to say after you've become a soldier. It's just so hilariously mangled I had to show it off.

♪Another World♪

Although I haven't screenshotted it, I spent a good part of my two latest grindathons in this general area. The northeast gate is just ahead, so let's head on through...

...after chatting up the local garrison for some info.

Guard at gate: The king has authorized passage through this gate. Beware, for our country ends here. We do not patrol the area beyond.
Guard in gatehouse: I don't understand why the kind sends us into the foreign lands. Perhaps someday this road will be open to all people.

Keep living the dream, buddy. After all, if a jellyfish slime monster thingy can become a human, then anything is possible.

By the way, the gate area looks kind of dark because there are constantly moving cloud shadows overhead. I also like how the gatehouse buildings are sort of built right onto the nearby cliffs.

And with this, we're in uncharted territory. Fortunately, the path is pretty linear.

It seems appropriate that our first battle after leaving our homeland is against a new monsters. Babbles, also known as Bubble Slimes, have a poisonous melee attack, and are in fact the first monsters in the game to inflict any negative status. However, being members of the Slime family, they're pretty weak. In addition, they have a 1/8 chance of dropping Antidote Herbs in accordance with RPG Law #314, which clearly states that all monsters that inflict a status ailment must drop the cure for said ailment.

Maybe the Mirror is in that hut?

♪The Saint (organ)♪

It is not. However, said hut is actually a church, complete with uniquely-sprited pastor, who offers all standard church services. As for the other residents...

Merchant: [I]I am a travelling merchant. I was attacked, but luckily I found this church.
Soldier: [I]Roku! I knew you looked familiar. I was standing behind you when you met the king of Reidock. Sadly, I am still looking for that mystical mirror.
Nun: Are you also looking for the mirror?
(Yes) - You should rest before you go.
(No) - It cannot be worth all this trouble.

Saying yes acts as an free inn, which is always nice. As for loot, the right dresser contains a Beauty Plant, and the pot contains a Fairy Water. After saving the game, it's time to set out again.

♪Another World♪

Not far south of the church is another hut.

[IMG]12. Inside hut[/IMG]

♪Inviting Village♪

No sign of the mirror here, either, but there is a hobbit*. Maybe he knows something?

(Yes) - Since you understand, please leave. I'm busy. (Conversation tree ends)
(No) - You can't just barge into somebody's house. Do you have a good reason?
  • (Yes) - Eh? You want to ask me something? First, you have to do something for me. Is that alright?
    • (Yes) - Good! I want to finish my cabin. I've already got the lumber.
    • (No) - Please go. I have other things to do. (Conversation tree ends)
  • (No) - Please go. I have other things to do. (Conversation tree ends)

This is Hassan's reaction once you accept the hobbit's conditions.

Either response yields this.

Hassan: We're royal soldiers. We have other things to do.
(Hassan storms out)

That's okay. We don't need him. Come with me.

The hobbit leads Roku outside.

First we'll build the framework for the cabin. My mistake. First we need to flatten the foundation. Yes. The foundation. Let us begin... I'll get the hammer.

Hassan can no longer just stand idly by, so he speaks up.


Then he goes on...

 build the entire shed by himself.


If you're wondering, the level-up jingle really does play when he finishes.

♪Inviting Village♪

(The hobbit goes into the shed)

Hassan: I've never built anything in my entire life. I kind of enjoyed that. Maybe when this is all over, I'll become a carpenter.

That being said, our whole reason behind building the shed was to get some info from the hobbit, so let's do that.

The Mirror of Ra? Let me think... The Mirror of Ra... Hmmm... No... Maybe... No... Of course! I've never heard of such a thing!

I can picture Roku and Hassan facefaulting after this line.

Nice of him to say "we" when Roku didn't really do anything.

Would you like to hear about the Shrine at Dhama?

It's a yes or no question, but he'll tell you either way.

There is a large river east of here. Deep in the nearby mountains is a shrine. My grandfather says that is the shrine of Dhama. I once crossed a river east of here, but never found the shrine. But perhaps I didn't go far enough. There was a secret passage in a desert surrounded by forest. I hope this information helps you.

I'm sure it will, especially if it's anything like the Shrine of Dharma in other DQ games. There's nothing in the shed, but the main house has an Antidote Herb in a pot and a Wooden Hat in one of the dressers. This seems like a good place to end the update, so join me next time as we travel to the Shrine of Dhama.

Also, props to BEAT for this tip on how to get more than 25 images per post!

*A bit of Dragon Quest trivia: Although they're clearly based on typical fantasy dwarves, these stout, bearded mountain folk in horned helmets are called hobbits because they debuted in DQ3, whose font didn't contain the ワ (wa) katakana needed to spell ドワーフ, or dwarf. This has been another Pointless Fact™.
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I didn't know that fact! Fascinating!
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