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Default Digital Down-Low for 01/09/2019: Yesterdays Triumph

You wouldn't download a car, but you absolutely can download a video game!

PS4s long, year-end dormancy is finally at an end, so it got stuff this week! Or, more accurately, it WILL HAVE stuff before next week, and they're the same stuffs that are also on Switch, but still, it counts! And those stuffs include not one but TWO HD re-releases of games from multiple years/generations ago! Like Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition! I'm not really too intimately familiar with the Tales games (I liked what I played of Berseria, however), so I don't know how chuffed the news of Vesperia getting a fancy-pants should make me, but thanks to the press release I DO know that it includes all the DLC from the original release, plus stuff that was never released before and several new party members.

So hey, that there's a lot of Anime JRPG for you to button-mash your way through!

Also up on everything is a remake of a game that is approaching its 20th birthday (!!!!), Onimusha Warlords! Yes, the launch-window PS2 game has been re-released for a brand new audience! And with gussied up visuals that probably do a better job of reflecting your memories of the game, rather than the game that actually existed! It brags about having improved controls, which I can only assume is because at some point everyone at Capcom realized that RE-Tank Controls were a shockingly stupid idea to implement in an action game.

No word on whether or not Jean Reno is involved.

Okay, that's all for the multiplatform stuff, now everything is on Switch! And I do mean Everything! And I mean that literally. I'm sorry, it's really hard not to make this an Abbot and Costello bit. I'm not even trying, it's just happening on its own! God save me from this prison I've built for myself!

The only way out is to move forward; and that means tlkaing about Cave Blazers which, not to put too fine a point on it, looks enough like Spelunky that I'm just going to go ahead and call it that. Like, super Spelunky-y, just with RPG bits and bobs crammed in. And that ain't bad! If you're going to copy from anything, copying Spelunky is a good choice! And based on the trailer, it's copying the good bits from Spelunky, at that!

And speaking of things that look for all the world, like things I already like, there's Double Cross, a game with a tangible whiff of Bionic Commanding and Mega Manliness about it. Except that the Mega Commando, is a Bionic Lady! Its from the same peeps what made Runbow, so they've already got a good handle on making fun, zippy platformers.

Game looks pretty snazzy, and I'm very much interested in hearing more about it.

And we're not yet done with New Games That Look Like Old Games, as Combat Core is out! In this case, instead of looking like Spelunky and/or Mega Man/Bionic Commando, we've got Power Stone. But it's a Power Stone with three or four variations on "ninja" and narry a steampunk pirate nor a murder-mummy to be seen. On the other hand, ain't like anyone else is making Power Stone sequels, and Smash Brothers has been out for an entire month now, it's old hat! Kick that old stuff to the curb, grandpa! The future is Combat Core!

All right, back to the namesake of this weeks thread, we've got a new Sega Ages release; Outrun! Which I understand to be very very popular with a lot of people and I have tried so often, but I can't understand why? I mean, it's a nice looking/sounding game, as Super Scaler games tend to be, but other Super Scaler games at least have an objective like "explode these bad planes" or "win a race". This one is "drive forward until you run out of credits". SO I posed the question to dischord:

Lokiii Today at 11:24 AM
Man octo there's a car, a beach, and a pretty girl
I don't know what to tell you
I mean
Imagine the 80s
there you go
Imagine its the 80s and you're looking at one of those 80s posters thats of a car on a beach and there's a pretty girl and imagine that
Imagine youre an 80s guy looking at that poster
Outrun is that guy
So there you have it!

Block Quest Maker looks.... cool as hell, really; very much like Super Mario Maker, except for Zelda dungeons. Ugly, Voxel-y Zelda dungeons, granted, but that's still a market I am extremely interested in. Especially in light of the fact that Mario Maker is not on Switch, and Nintendo has made no announcements about following that up with anything Zeldesque.

Next up is Lightseekers,a trading card game. But not one that is Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering or...errr... a third example. Yu Gi Oh is still a thing, right? Or VERSUS?

Anyway, it's one of thems.

Next up is something that WOULD BE my lock of the week, except that something else is coming up which is even lockier, so it's just going to have to settle for second place; Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight! A troid'em-up with Dark Souls-y leanings! Except this one is way more accommodating than other games like that I could describe and has some very nice looking sprite-work.

And, yes, it also has a giant witch with giant boobs, but that's just the one boss fight right at the start of the game, she just appears in all the promotional material; it's not a Shantae sort of game.

And as for the MOST significant release of the week, and one that is also a re-release of a multiple-year-old game, we've got New Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe, a re-release of the Best Mario That Nobody Played, finally given a chance to shine by being on a platform that has sold very well! It's an extremely good chunk of 2D Mario and also includes the even better Luigi-centric DLC campaign. It's not unreasonable to say this may be the single best 2D Mario in years. And it may be unreasonable to call it the best 2D Mario Overall, but I feel like I'd be pushing my luck at that.

Oh, also, just in case, like, me, you forgot that she was an entirely fan-made creation. This version does not include Bowsette. Which is a mark against it.

And speaking of games that came out on the WiiU and thus nobody ever played (though I think it also came out on Steam), we've got Hive Jump (it was released on the WiiU AFTER the Switch was released and stomped that platform into the dust, however), which looks VERY MUCH like Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, just with much more Metro than Vania, as you control a member of a team of space-armor clad gunboyz jumping down into a procedurally generated alien nest and introducing everyone to your massive artillery barrages and discovered loot.

It doesn't seem to have online co-op, which is a drag, but it DOES have lots and lots and lots of bugs to explode at.

And the final release is this weeks arcade game; Kizuna Encounter; a fighting game of some stripe from SNK. It's not one of their higher profile ones, so I got nothing else to go on there. Enjoy.

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Old 01-09-2019, 09:41 AM
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Kizuna Encounter is "that one with the chest hair".
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Old 01-09-2019, 10:18 AM
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I'm pretty sure that Onimusha: Warlords releases next week, not this week. I'm tempted to get it at launch, but at the moment I'm more interested in saving up for cowboy times on my PS4. At least, if I don't impulse buy theHunter: Call of the Wild while it's still on sale. Really it could go either way, I'm in a realistic digital hunting sim mood at the moment and it doesn't necessarily have to be a cowboy-themed hunting sim.

Also Puzzle Bobble stealth released on PS4 last week and I didn't realize it 'til like a couple of days ago.
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Old 01-10-2019, 09:49 AM
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I just bought Momodora RUTM on Switch.

Suffice to say I really like this game.
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Let's move on to part 2 of this weeks thread, mostly focused on the Switch, because THERE AIN'T NO STOPPING THIS CRAZY TRAIN WE'RE ON!

And with a preamble like "Ain't no stopping this crazy train we're on", why not start with a slow paced, text-heavy game about the Syrian refugee crisis, as in Bury Me, My Love, a game where you're communicating with your wife via text and trying to help her escape to safety in Europe.

So yeah... that's fun.

Apocalipsis: Wormwood Edition is a point and click adventure game set during the book of revelations, as the world rapidly ends around you and you try desperately to save the soul of your dead wife.

So... man...

Todays update is getting kind of bleak, man.

Okay, next game is called Elli, which, luckily, is a whimsical platformer. That should bring us out of this funk!

Anyway, you're a gal named Elli, on a puzzle-filled platformer island trying to find some widgets before her birthday ends.

There, that's MUCH more chipper than trying to save your wife from war-torn countries!

And bringing up the rear for Switch titles is Guns of Mercy, which the eShop describes as "a game combining shoot and arcade in retro 16bits spirit.

20XX, the Earth is a vast and hostile wasteland. The surface has been rendered uninhabitable since the great war against the alien invasion. To find peace, humanity has been reduced to living underground, but the enemy is getting there!

So... you shoot the space bugs that hover above you. I've seen worse looking single-screen arcade shooters.

ANd finally, the 3DS got a game that I didnd't think was coming out for another month or two; Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story + Bowser Jr.s Journey a gussied up remake of what is arguably the best M&L game. A statement I feel is far less controversial than my opinions re: New Super Mario U. The original game still looks really sharp, so the graphics didn't have nearly as far to improve as they did with the remake of Superstar Saga, but its still an excellent chunk of video game now with extra game added!

Also, just so we're clear, Nintendo doesn't like the idea of Bowser as a Powerful Monster Girlfriend, but IS fine with a game based entirely around Bowser-vore.

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Old 01-10-2019, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Octopus Prime View Post
And with a preamble like "Ain't no stopping this crazy train we're on", why not start with a slow paced, text-heavy game about the Syrian refugee crisis, as in Bury Me, My Love, a game where you're communicating with your wife via text and trying to help her escape to safety in Europe.

So yeah... that's fun.
I saw this on eShop and it looks very good but VERY stressful, I feel like I'd buy it but wouldn't be in the mood to play it for a while. Apparently you give her advice on what to do while trying to get from Syria to Europe and can get a number of different endings. I imagine this means endings where things go badly for her due to your advice, I'd have to be in a very specific headspace to be able to handle that.
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