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Wii U Advantages
- most likely will have better framerates fewer dips (compare to undocked switch)
- Want have to recharge system every two in a half hours (again undocked switch)
- Being made on WiiU the game will be likely build around the game on untilize it more and unique ways
Switch Advantage
- portable
- nicier color better shadows overall better graphics
- dem games (upcoming)
- *we fly hi music intro* nice slick black dock + Hd gaymez in my caddy + WiiU ain't BALLIN+ WiiU controller (Wii) dat sheet looks like a deel doe +WiiU ain't got no gaymez that sheet is Boosheet dat DS triple taking all WiiU gaymez
- Abap I don't know if u trigger know what Abap is but Abap stands for as ballin as possible Nintendo follow dat strict policy now (no region lock)
- Smash brothers the sheet nice but if it was on dat ps quadruple that sheet would be call super smash bros run up on a trigger 4k edition
For all my hater crying about switches price I'll give u 300 dollar just to shut the hell up trigger
- then we got this Trigger this Mexican ass trigger (Mario oydess) who jump roped
- dat new Splatoon two cause I gotta shoot sum triggers
- That sheet is mad gay (two hour battery life)
Know what I'm trying to say that switch is nice
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