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Gamers scandalized upon learning Resident Evil 4 has dynamic difficulty:

i fucking hate this system so damn fucking much it is an abomination of mankind.
the challenge in videogames (and life) is not only about being good enough to overcome something but also to GROW enough to be able to overcome it.
if a videogame makes itself easier if you fail, how are you supposed to grow? this is not how mankind evolved ;D
it basically robs us of our deepest human essence. our unique feature that only we have. the only species on this planet that, given enough time, can overcome basically ANYTHING. even flying to another motherfucking planet in the universe.

fuck _ this _ game
What was the point of this video?! I fucking don't like this. I pride myself at being a champion at res evil only to learn that I was probably aided by the game?! I just don't know why there's a VIDEO on this information to begin with and not just left in the magazine. Was it to discredit all who believed themselves legends and superiors, leaving this uploader as the only real deal?! I hate this video.
So there's a chance that I'm not as good as I think?! I wish I never watched this video. I'm totally bummed right now. :(
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