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Originally Posted by Lucas View Post
I dunno, the envoy has a 3/4 BAB and equipment... Or they could be the captain, if people want to allow that for some reason.
The thing there is that the wizard* has 3/4 BAB and access to the same equipment (sans grenades).

That said, class abilities in general do look like they take enough of a back seat to having rad equipment and just shooting people that they aren't at all useless in combat, they just don't have any real unique class-based stuff to do that isn't giving up half their turn to give a friend one-off bonuses.

Of course, on the other side of that, my read-through of the class/chance to play one in a demo game both came before reading enough of the book to get my head around the total rethinking of the basic mechanics where you still miss a lot at high levels so +/- 2 to a given roll is actually a huge deal, and getting extra attacks is basically not a thing, which makes the severely watered down bard aspect less shocking than it initially seems, and their take on being a skill monkey lets them do unique things with their skills on top of rolling real high, so I do look forward to playing one in the future (but wow they're lame at level 1).

Also it's been pretty explicitly stated that in addition to being the kind-of-a-non-combatant they're very much intended as the captains of ships.

*Technically they look to play more like arcanists.
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