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Solarian Armor seems significantly less good than weapons, assuming one plans to play a melee focused character who needs both. If you're building a character who just wants to hang back with a gun but you still want groovy space powers, free armor isn't a bad consolation.

Also I wouldn't sweat the ammo thing too much since most things run off batteries, which you can more or less recharge for free at the end of the day, so it's mostly a universal uses-per-day system.

All that said, I really can't wait to actually play a campaign of this and get a feel for how all this math actually works out at higher levels. Especially the whole bit where AC actually keeps pace with BAB so things like Deadly Aim are a meaningful tradeoff and not a no-brainer.

Also I dig the weird tweaks to stat point-buy where a vesk (space orc) and an android (space gnome) both have the same, attainable, hard cap of 18 int at level 1, it's just that the android can hit it and still have 4 more points to throw somewhere else.

Most eyebrow raising thing to me so far is making the envoy more or less a useless-in-combat skill monkey after a series of hard lessons in how that works out from Pathfinder. Although it is, at least, clearly an intentional choice, and mechanically incentivizes being the mouthy comic relief.
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