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Finished Pugmire last night. That was a fun, quick read, written in such a friendly style, strongly thematic, and so lavishly illustrated that it was very easy to overlook the fact there is a fair amount of mechanical detail to the game.

-The classes are just different enough from the norm to be interesting, without feeling like it's being different just for the sake of being different.
-The idea of challenge ratings makes more sense in this game than any other I've seen. A CR X creature is a beatable challenge for a level X character. Kind of a shame there are no creatures above CR 10, though there's a template to make a more powerful critter.
-Seriously, the theme is great and makes putting an adventuring party together really easy since you're playing social animals in a setting where there is a royally-mandated adventuring guild.
-Your dog can have a pet dog.

-Seriously, out of all the breeds to not only survive the apocalypse but rule the land afterwards, they picked pugs? Pugs? Seriously?

Anyway, on to Starfinder. I haven't read much of it so far but it has space jedi who have their own lightsabers built in, and there are space goblins. I'm not sure what else I need to know.
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