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Originally Posted by Egarwaen View Post

So I've finished slogging my way through the FASA revised Fading Suns core books, which got included in a Bundle of Holding by accident instead of the 2e rules. Oops. Well, they also incorporate a bunch of material from various supplements that weren't in either bundle.

The system is typical mid-90s hot garbage.

The setting... Definitely highlights the problems of setting-heavy mid-90s games. In broad strokes, it's really interesting, with a lot of cool elements that are both evocative and gameable. But every additional piece of detail that gets laid down drains a little bit more appeal out, until you're left with a very dull setting full of largely unremarkable and practically undifferentiated desert planets. Because... Dune was cool, I guess.
Fading Suns is the only system I've played for any length of time. About 3 years with a group in the early aughts. It was basically a Dune RPG with the sticker scratched off.
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