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Originally Posted by ozacrot View Post
Legend of the Mystical Ninja is, IMO, an overlooked gem of the 16-bit generation. Later games in the series would often center on the conflict between Western and traditional Japanese culture, but those two competing themes first surfaced in this game - stage 3 is an amusement park in medieval Japan, including a game show and an arcade where you can play level 1 of Gradius. The 80-some track soundtrack covers a ton of ground while keeping similar sound fonts between the vast majority of the songs, giving the listener the impression of a killer house band going back and forth between fusion jazz and pentatonic-scale "traditional" music. For the former, I had highlighted "Headquarters of the Otafu Army", but "King Ryukyu's Secret" is a little more bombastic. Listen to that bassline!
I love this game and don't know why nobody ever talks about it. One of the best games on SNES in my opinion. Criminally underappreciated.
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