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Since everyone's doing it now, guess I'll do it too...

1. G-Darius "KIMERA II"
2. Saga Frontier "Last Battle -Asellus-"
3. Castlevania Chronicles (Arrange) "Etude for the Killer"
4. Gradius Gaiden "INTERNAL (Stage 5 BGM)"
5. Metal Black "Waste Days"
6. Super Castlevania IV "Treasury Room"
7. Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge "Praying Hands"
8. Axelay "Colony"
9. Seiken Densetsu 3 "Evening Star"
10. Breath of Fire III "An Offering to the Dragons ~Main Theme~"
11. Galactic Storm "PROTMIND ~main theme~"
12. Space Manbow "AQUARIUM (Stage 3 BGM)"
13. Silpheed (Mega CD) "Hyperspace (Stage 05)"
14. Elemental Master "Dance of Flame (Stage 1)"
15. ActRaiser "Northwall"
16. Suikoden "Gathering of Warriors"
17. Dragon Quest III (SFC) "Prologue"
18. Alundra "The House of Taurus" (alternatively known as "The House of Taran")
19. Illusion of Gaia "In the Earthen Womb"
20. Demon's Crest "A SUNKEN AQUEDUCT (Temple)"
21. Revenge of Shinobi "CHINA TOWN (ROUND 6)"
22. Gaiapolis "Gaiapolis"
23. Hotel Dusk "Easy Feeling"
24. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure "Magical Sea"
25. Contra: Hard Corps "Zephyr"
Stuff that made it in bold. I talked about how happy I am with a lot of things that I didn't actually vote for (most of which I figured would make it on anyway), and I'd like to extend that to pretty much the rest of the list too (was too lazy to comment on them at the time). I'm pleased as punch with it generally. My only sorrow is that the Megadrive was sorely under-represented, and there were no shmups! A few comments from me that no one's gonna read for the stuff that didn't make it:

G-Darius: I love a lot of video game soundtracks dearly, but I can't call most of them transcendent like I would with the works of Hisayoshi Ogura, and G-Darius is one of his best. Turbulent at times, calm at others, but always full of power, as if trying to live out its short life to its fullest before it inevitably's a true thing of beauty. My chosen track best represents this, I feel like, but really any track from his OST is excellent. And this was basically a general vote for the entire Darius series, and even all of Ogura's works.

Castlevania Chronicles: This is an incredibly good game with a soundtrack to match, but sadly one of the most overlooked. I particularly like the punchy arrangements on the PSX version, but all the soundtracks have merit. The track I chose, Etude for the Killer, is really beautiful and elegant in a macabre way. The perfect mood for a horror-inspired game, I'd say.

Gradius Gaiden: G-Darius is king among experimental soundtracks, but Gradius Gaiden is definitely one of the best when it comes to a more "typical" and adventurous shmup soundtrack. Although the track I chose doesn't really represent this, it's still an amazing ambient theme. Using heartbeats and organic-sounding synths as percussion...I think that's brilliant.

Metal Black: One of the most beautifully bleak games has a beautiful (but not always obviously bleak) soundtrack. Waste Days, the track I chose, represents this well I think. It's lonely, cold and melancholic, as if reaching out towards something it lost but being unable to achieve it. The rest of the soundtrack is similarly strong.

Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge: This one's another overlooked game in the franchise, and because of its juxtaposition, it's unfortunately dismissed at times. It has a soundtrack that's crackling with energy and creativity, and even includes two excellent renditions of classical music. Praying Hands' intro and long, low notes give it a brooding quality, but then the second part leaps into a hopeful crescendo. I can only imagine this is really the piece's title played out in music: praying, and receiving the ultimate reward. It's perfect for the game and its story, too.

Axelay: I just love my moody soundtracks, and Axelay is nothing short of brilliant when it comes to that. My chosen track, Colony, goes from brooding to heroic and it's a great time, but every other track is amazing too. I was contemplating choosing Silence instead, which is a beautifully alien piece.

Seiken Densetsu 3: I figured Secret of Mana would be chosen, so I voted this instead. Kikuta's soundtracks are incredibly vivid and colourful, and they have a depth of character I haven't experienced much otherwise. Having to choose from all of its tracks was hard, but Evening Star is really, really beautiful and calming. I can listen to it go on forever...

Galactic Storm: Another Ogura on my list. This one's not one of his better-known soundtracks, but it's incredible all the same. PROTMIND in particular is a track that is bursting with energy, and undergoes transformation several times. It's very ethereal and beautiful.

Space Manbow: The MSX soundchip is the legend, and Space Manbow makes excellent use of its capabilities. With its rough but simultaneously refined sound and energetic melodies, I couldn't help but fall in love. AQUARIUM is actually one of the calmer pieces, but it's very cosmic and beautiful.

Silpheed: There's a lot of shmups here, I know...but Silpheed is just amazing. It manages to capture the feeling of fighting hordes of enemies in the vastness of space really well. The track of choice, Hyperspace, is an incredibly heroic theme that makes my heart race every time. The engine noises are a big plus!

Elemental Master: Among Tecnosoft's games, I chose this as my representative. It's an amazing and powerful soundtrack. Dance of Flame is, I think, a good representative of what to expect from the game. It has a strong, driving melody, and I can't get over how extremely good and bombastic the percussion is, especially in the build-up during the intro.

Dragon Quest III: Really a vote for the entire series, but I'm very fond of DraQue III in particular. It has some of the best town themes and one of the best castle themes, for what that's worth! I chose Prologue because of its beauty and mystery, the enormous sense of "what's yet to come" it gives you. The perfect start for a great adventure, I'd say.

Alundra: This one's an excellent soundtrack, with some amazing ambient themes. House of Taurus/Taran is a great one, starting out fairly quiet and unassuming, but eventually intensifying and then petering out at the very's a brilliant progression. Though it's not the only good one: The Lizardman's Lair is a threatening and mysterious piece, and the song that plays during nightmares (called...Nightmare) is amazing in how unsettling and anxiety-inducing it is. And finally, The Inhuman One (the boss theme) is a tense theme that builds up a wall of instruments layer by layer, representing perfectly the adversity you're facing.

Illusion of Gaia: Beautiful, adventurous and contemplative all at the same time. Something I'd only expect from a Quintet game, really. In the Earthen Womb is a gorgeous sentimental piece, and it makes me wanna cry every time I listen to it.

Demon's Crest: A perfect gothic-ish soundtrack. It builds such a powerful atmosphere and has excellent compelling melodies. The synth itself is the stuff of legends. A SUNKEN AQUEDUCT is my choice for being so full of melancholy and sorrow, so beautifully mournful. It pulls at my heartstrings it does.

Revenge of Shinobi: One of my favourite Koshiro works, and the vote for it was to represent the rest of his body of Megadrive works. It's very punchy and to-the-point. Expectedly, CHINA TOWN is the track I chose, and it's the most contemplative of the bunch while still being fairly action-y. The phases it goes through, the bass, the percussion...I love everything about it.

Gaiapolis: Konami's arcade sound board is legendary, and Gaiapolis is one of the best on it. It's not anything particularly unique, but it does what it does really well, and that would be having exciting and adventurous fantasy themes. The theme I chose, Gaiapolis, starts out with a calm tone but then almost literally explodes. The rest of the song is some of the most impossibly heroic stuff I've ever heard, and I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.

Hotel Dusk: The laid-back and jazzy nature of this soundtrack is one of my favourite things about the whole game. Appropriately, I chose probably what's the most laid-back song on the whole thing, Easy Feeling. Whenever I listen to it, all my worries melt away and I just want to lean back and relax forever. I'd say that says a lot about its power.

McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure: I could've voted for any number of other games, even just Megadrive ones, or Treasure ones. But no. It had to be this. That makes it sound like I have a huge bias for it (maybe I do) but I sincerely believe it to be an excellent soundtrack. I chose Magical Sea because of its bombastic percussion and impossibly happy tone. It's really great!

Contra: Hard Corps: And finally, Hard Corps. This is a soundtrack that's near and dear to my heart. It's hard to not love it with its rough synth and over-excited melodies. Sometimes I feel like it's about to jump out of my computer, in fact. Zephyr is a good representative of this: fast, powerful, and unstoppable, as it goes through several phases, each amazing in its own way. Though if you ask me, the percussion is the real star in that track.

Generally, the ranking doesn't really mean anything for me besides deciding which ones I wanted to give a bigger boost. I love all these, and many of the ones I didn't vote for (and which didn't even show up) just about equally.

Many thanks for running the list, conchobhar and Positronic Brain! It was a good time.
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