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Default Art Clubs, Forums, and maybe Classes

I drew a lot a long time ago. I'd like to get back into it but I haven't felt any inspiration for a long time.

I made most of my artwork in school. I took a lot of art classes in college as well. It would be great if there was a local art hobby group. My local makerspace is great about helping people get started on various projects in technology and practical arts (woodworking, metalworking, laser cutting, 3D printing) and it would be happy to have a volunteer run art events, but if I ask them about it they'd probably want me to lead them and I don't feel up to that. My town also has a small arts district. Most of the stores there have art supplies or finished works for sale, plus a museum. I'm not sure if it has clubs or classes for creating anything.

What are the best online forums for sharing art its members have created? Are there any online art classes? Is that a thing?
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