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Originally Posted by blinkpen View Post
To be fair, one of Mothra vs. Godzilla's most prominent alt titles is Godzilla vs. The Thing, so she definitely gets the short shaft in that billing.
Yeah, but I'm talking about the Japanese titles. American titles can get weird (see also: Godzilla on Monster Island / Godzilla vs. Gigan; Monster Zero / Invasion of the Astro-Monster).
Originally Posted by Kishi View Post
And in Germany, they ran with that idea and stuck Frankenstein's name in the titles of all sorts of kaiju films, with the explanation that the monsters were created by Dr. Frankenstein, or his descendant, or something.
Funny thing, I also looked up Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster / Ebirah: Horror of the Deep, just to check on that title, and the German title was indeed Frankenstein and the Monster from the Sea.
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