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Oh, man, my favorite part about Oodako is that when Toho was making Frankenstein Conquers the World, their American collaborators, Benedict Pictures Corporation, insisted on including a fight against a giant octopus because they were so amazed by the Octopus scene in King Kong vs. Godzilla. So in the original cut of the movie (and preserved in the International cut) after Frankenstein defeats Baragon, a giant Octopus just shows up out of nowhere and they fight to the death. This was ultimately removed from the general theatrical release of the movie because it didn't make any sense. But when they went on to film the sequel, War of the Gargantuas, again with Benedict, the Americans (again) insisted on including a giant octopus, so Toho I guess was like "Fine! Here's your goddamn octopus!" and so they included an equally nonsensical scene in the beginning of that movie that actually stayed in. And it's one of my favorite scenes in anything.

Unfortunately the scene itself isn't on Youtube, but some dumbass turned into an Iron Maiden music video.
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