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Originally Posted by Evil Dead Junkie View Post
Anyone else read the articles when the AV Club rewatched the series awhile ago? One of the best hits they made was when they pointed out that Earle was a dead ringer for Dana Carvey in Master Of Disguise.
Hahahaha. The Earle thing is so weird -- the guy was definitely capable of acting better (as when they show that old army interview footage and he plays Earle completely different, more disturbed and shaken) and they set up that whole Brides of Windom Earle plot just to suddenly drop it, even though they clearly didn't have any better ideas in the pile.

In all fairness though Season 2 does have a few stellar episodes. There's just a bunch of crap inbetween.
Season 2 has some of my favorite episodes, but the second half suffers badly from an influx of Lynch's bad ideas of TV humor (check out On the Air sometime, it's the same stuff as the Season 2 "comedy" bits) as well as the jettisoning of planned storylines due to the stars being uncooperative jerks. Still, given the resources and talent involved, it's hard to see why it came out so badly. If you skip everything from Leland dying to the last episode, you're not missing much.

The last episode is wonderfully successful as a dramatic composition, as well as a "Hideki Anno-giving-the-middle-finger-to-everybody" mind-screwing series immolation. It's possibly the most twisted and angry thing ever broadcast on American network TV.

Also am I the only one who thinks Fire Walk With Me is a great movie? ... Thought so...
I watch Fire Walk With Me like ten times a year. Probably my favorite Lynch movie. I lost my DVD when I moved from Atlanta, and I'm not sure if I want to pick up a new one or wait for the (hopefully crammed with extras) Blu-Ray.

Here's a blog by the guy who used to run the Twin Peaks fanzine. It's got tons of supplemental FWWM info. There's also this enlightening script to screen analysis at Dugpa. Both have tons of insight on Lynch's creative process during the production of FWWM.
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