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Originally Posted by chud_666 View Post
Ok I finished!

Still processing thoughts.

Will say this: the original manuscript was split so this is the Feast of Crows section and the Dance section (The Unholy Consult) comes out next summer.
Finished it a little while ago. I think the book's poorer for the split, as it's oddly paced and anti-climactic as a result.

Random asides (spoilered for your protection):

1. A while back (geez, years ago), I said that I think Kelhus is legitimately insane. Does anything in this books persuade/dissuade you otherwise? I'm sticking with my original position.
2. Mimara's and Esme's chapters were definitely the weakest of the bunch. Other than showing that Cnaiur is still alive, I'm not sure what the point of Mimara's storyline was. But at least hers progressed - nothing happened with Esme's storyline until the last five or so pages.
3. My favorite chapters were Sorweel's, obviously, given how batshit insane they were. Hobbits? Sure! Giants? Yep! A Dark Souls-esque, styxian voyage on a barge full of dead pigs? Why not! I'm not sure where this goes from here, but it was a ride while it lasted.
4. The Great Ordeal chapters were... something. So, so, so many boners. Baker's got a phallic-fixation worse than Giger's (which is appropriate given that the Inchoroi are basically winged-xenomorphs with human faces clutched in their jaws). At least this storyline ended with a literal bang.

So yeah, I'm not sure I'm in a position to judge this one until The Unholy Consult comes out. At least one thing is consistent: the bad guys may be rapist space aliens, but I'm still rooting for them to win.
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