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I don't know that he is though - or if he is doing it out of the goodness of his heart

So Ishual, destroyed when Akka and Mimara get there, but by whom? Possibly the consult. But maybe by Kellhus himself, so he isn't deposed like Moenghus was. Of course he drove events to bring Mimara to Akka in the first place and had Kosoter and the Skin Eaters monitor him. He also had to know that Cleric was Nil Gaccas.


The consult was driving the Holy War to reclaim Shimeh, but Maithenet and Kellhus were pushing it along as well. It could be that the sorcery of the Cishaurim is the ultimate weakness of the Consult, and likely the Gnosis as well, its the only sorcery that doesn't leave you marked. MOREOVER - who has been warring nonstop since being in power, MAYBE helping the consult reach their goal of reducing the number of souls to 144k. ADDITIONALLY!!! The shortest path to ultimate domination maybe learning the secrets of the TEKNE as well. And! One of the "What has come before" recaps states explicitly that Kellhus is mad.

At the very beginning of book 1 Kellhus encountered a consult Nonman and his Sranc. Why wasn't he killed????????????

Anyway I don't think Kellhus is above board at all.

White Luck Warrior - So avatar of Yatwer sure, and it's hinted that is Sorweel, BUT. Didn't Psatma fuck the WLW to gain her youth back? Or did I completely misread that?

Thousandfold Thought - My deal here is that it has reached that ideal, but it's ever so vague. Which in and of itself is fine. In Dune the Golden Path was vague as well. But it was teased in a way that made you want to know more. The TFT is mentioned very sporadically and mostly in Kellhus's dialogue with Moenghus. So what did it mean? I don't expect answers right away, or even for any of this to be fully revealed, but would like some hints here and there, and what it means for the story or why it's relevant to Kellhus' actions. Or at least other characters talking about it and pondering.
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