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Originally Posted by Behemoth View Post
As for the Thousandfold Thought... yeah, I have no idea, and the second time I read the book I tried to specifically find an answer to that question. There are pages and pages over at trying to figure it out.
I don't remember that being a puzzler - I thought it was pretty clear that the thousand-fold thought was basically being able to hold the Future in your head and see exactly where things would head, using predictive logic. But I read it over a year ago, so your memory is probably better than mine!

As for Kelllhus' motivation - from the time we spend with him in his head in The Thousand-Fold Thought, I thought it was pretty clear that he is actively trying to stop the Consult. There could certainly be other elements to his motivation, and other layers of plans, but I do think that Kellhus doesn't want Earwa to become a lifeless husk of a world. YMMV

Originally Posted by Behemoth
Edit: oh yeah, and the name of the third book in the Aspect Emperor is The Unholy Consult.
Sweet. Wonder when it comes out, and if he'll still need to write The Book With No Name to finish off the series?
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