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Originally Posted by JBear View Post
Diego and Client easily finish off the helpless golem. I considered several different rock jokes here, but wasn't satisfied with any of them. Please kindly insert your own.
Hmm... How about a pun involving the word quarry? That's all the more effort I felt like putting into that bit of audience participation.

Originally Posted by JBear View Post
Ash, I think you're being a tad too polite here. This person just attacked your military unit with zero provocation. You sit her down, ideally in handcuffs, and you TELL her your side of the story before hauling her ass off to jail.
*RPG protagonists are well known for being ridiculously forgiving.

Originally Posted by JBear View Post
Next time: Rhine Bridge. It looks to be the only crossing over this body of water on the way to our destination. What could go wrong?
Since this is an *RPG I'm sure absolutely nothing. You will cross the bridge without incident.
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