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So, no doubt some of you have noticed that shiny yellow box in some of the previous screenshots, since it stands out like a sore thumb. So what's the deal with the box? Does it have loot? Is Solid Snake hiding in it? Let's ask the instruction manual:

Oh, I stand corrected: it's a crate. There was a similar entry for the boulders earlier, but I declined to include it since there were no pictures. I think the manual covers everything pretty succinctly here.

See, what we're looking at here is a puzzle. Everyone should take a moment and see if they can figure out this head-scratcher. I got it right away, but that's because I'm a pro. Keep in mind that Diego can't just walk over and open the chest as things stand now, because that would require him to reach above his head, and Ishtarian occupational health and safety regulations are quite clear on that.

Here, I'll give you a hint. The first step is for Diego to Push the boxcrate one square to the East. The second step is for me to question if I should feel insulted or not.

Clint completes our little staircase by kicking the crate one square to the North, creating an impressive dust cloud in the process.

I move Diego into position to finally open the chest, but... he can't? For whatever reason, Archers can't open chests. I'd guess that it's because they don't have a melee combat animation, but I'd be perfectly happy with shooting chests open. It'd be silly, but less silly than their being unable to open them at all.

A couple of turns later, I finally get Clint into position to crack this sucker open. Whatever is in this thing had better be worth all of the effort.

. . .

Client and Diego got their looting wrapped up just in time, as Ash was rapidly running out of space after circling the entire map. He promptly puts the final golem out of its misery.

I don't think that I mentioned this previously, but the "You Win" text assembles itself from a jumble of letters rapidly rotating around the screen. It looks slightly less ridiculous in motion.

Not the most exciting looking results screen, but I won't complain about 810 gold pieces.
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