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The damage that the golems have been dealing to Ash is actually starting to add up, so he remains in place and calls for some faerie assistance.

I'll chalk it up to a lack of graphical fidelity that we can't see those two golems weeping softly and questioning the futility of existence.

The heal also nets Ash a level-up, just to rub salt in the wound.

Ash blocks the next attack. Now he's just being a dick. I'm starting to root for the golems here.

I almost forgot to search the conspicuous dirt circle on my way by. It nets me a Fire Gem, which, even if I never use it, sells for a mint.

Client and Diego are taking their sweet time, so Ash starts putting some distance between himself and the golems in an effort to stretch this out.

The golems continue their pursuit, but can't quite reach Ash. Don't worry boys, you'll get yours soon enough.

Diego is bored and upset that Ash is stealing all of the XP, so he takes out his frustrations on another boulder.

Ash retreats, rinse and repeat.Bustin' mad rhymes.

Move along people; nothing to see here. The next few turns pass with Ash leading the final golem on a merry chase and Diego and Clint rounding the map, so lets skip ahead and get to the loot.
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