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We haven't even started the 2nd turn, and Clint is already below half health. These guys are not screwing around. Will I finally have to use an Herb in this battle? (spoiler: no)

Clint's counter-attack finishes the first golem off in an explosion of rocks, for which he gains a level and, notably, some health, since characters gain health equal to the increase in their max HP on level-up. Remember kids: ghosts bleed, but golems don't. Science! (Seriously though, this death animation is pretty cool. I just wish that they'd thought to give the ghosts something distinctive as well.)

The golem to the north hops down the stairs and prepares to sock Ash in the face.

Hah! Finally! A block, captured in all its glory. Ash took that clay fist on his shield like a boss.

I love the way that Ash narrows his eyes before he attacks. You can just tell that he is going to fuck that golem up.

Thankfully, the distant golems all pass their turns, but the one closest to Clint and Diego moves over to meet them.

So, with Clint already this badly hurt and these golems taking 3 hits each to kill, how am I going to get through the rest of this battle without using an Herb?

By wasting a far more valuable item! Let's see what this Mad Book does.

Awesome! Looks like it paralyzes a single target. I think I did a pretty good job of capturing it here, but a series of pulsating glyphs drop down from the top of screen and wrap the golem up, while a voice plays of what sounds like a miniature newscaster speaking in tongues. Paralyze lasts for a few turns and renders the victim unable to act in any way (which, among other things, means no counter-attacks).

Diego decides to capitalize on this situation by shooting him in the back at point-blank range, and snags a level up in the process.
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