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Hey there everyone! Welcome back to Let's Play Vandal Hearts! In our last episode, we watched helplessly as Kane, the sociopathic son of Hel Spites, the Minister of Defense, used his own personal death squad to slaughter a church full of rebellious former nobles after we had accepted their peaceful surrender. Then, another politician by the name of Dolf Crowley sent us on an off-the-books mission to a distant island to investigate the disappearance of General Magnus Dunbar, hero of the revolutionary war. We join our heroes as they pass through the ruins of an old palace on the way to their destination...

"This magnificent palace was burned to the ground. Even now, when it grows dark, the spirits of the dead haunt this place."

Diego: "Hey, cut it out! You're giving me the creeps!"

Clint, what have I told you about picking on Diego?

See, that creepy disembodied voice doesn't like you picking on him either. Note that there's a pretty cool audio effect accompanying the voice; it's appropriately ethereal.

I love the way that Diego starts panicking and looking around here. These guys have so many different frames of animation.

Oh, I guess we won't enter here then. Let's go around, guys!

Or... not? Ash ain't afraid of no ghosts!

See, look, Ash is right. There's nothing to be afraid of, Diego.

. . .

Why does this keep happening to us?
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