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I'm going to enjoy this. Time for Kane to get what's coming to him.


I'm pretty sure that's what I was about to do, Clive.

"The Crimson Guard is already in enough trouble with the council. More trouble and even your dad, Hel Spites, won't be able to help."

Ah, so the politician (with the cartoonishly evil name) who's in charge of his unit is also his boss. That explains so much. Nepotism at its finest!

Kane: "Save your hollow threats for someone else... but I will be a big man and forget your rude words to me today. However, I'm taking this old blueblood with me!"

We cool, bro? Cool.

Oh! You must be evil!

Seriously though, just look at that smile. I'm pretty sure that his fingers are steepled just below that headshot.

Clive: "Dolf has been sent out as a mediator to deal with yesterday's incident."

So you're scared of your smile too?

Dolf and Ash are about to exchange giant walls of text, so I'm going to drop the screen-shots for the next bit. Just imagine periodic creepy smiles.

Dolf: "The Crimson Guards were completely at fault in yesterday's massacre. Normally there would be need for a mediator in a case like this, but there are a few complications. As you know, the Crimson Guards are the pet project of Hel Spites, the Minister of Defense. Hel's tactics may be questionable, but his power and influence in the council are not. I personally think that he is a dangerous man who needs to be watched. Two council members are competing to become head. Hel Spites and Renaldo Castille, who is as you know the head of the Domestic Security Forces, your boss. See the pattern?"

Ash: "You're saying its more than just a personal grudge between us and the Crimson Guard. Do you think it could escalate into a confrontation between the DSF and the army?!"

Dolf: "Well... let's not be overly pessimistic. But we need to act swiftly to avoid future trouble."

Ash: "So what do you want us to do?"

Dolf: "As punishment we'll send you on leave away from your policing duties here in the capital. But that's just to establish your cover! The truth is that I have a top secret assignment for you..."

An off-the-books mission from a shady-looking politician? What could possibly go wrong?
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