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Ah, looks like these are the soldiers that the man in the bar told us about. What's up guys?

So... looks like these guys are wearing blood-red robot armour and slaughtering surrendering civilians armed with nail bats. I can only assume that if there are moustaches hiding underneath those helmets, they are presently being twirled.

Really? That's his name? What, was Hades Malice already taken?

Clint: "They're famous for being ruthless with terrorists, but this is too much!"

Well if it isn't Biff Tannen!

I'll have you know that our noses are actually cartoonishly large. /harrumph

"The son of a traitor becoming a platoon leader. What a joke!"

Ash: "Stop it, both of you!"

I'm not sure talking is really his thing anyway, Ash. I think stealing your lunch money is more his speed.

"As you can see, we've cleared the area of enemies. Some are still holed up in that church, but we have business elsewhere. As long as you're here, you can take care of those left in the church."

Kane exits stage right and takes his stormtroopers with him. I'm sure that's the last we'll be seeing of them.

Ash: "Let's go and see if they will surrender. It looks like there are no enemies around, but don't relax your guard."

You worry too much, Ash. Looks all clear to me.

Well crud.

Ash offers no explanation as to how he knows this. Just when it looks like we're heading for a morally ambiguous fight with disenfranchised nobles, suddenly monsters.
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