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Originally Posted by ArugulaZ View Post
I hate pretty much everything the newly christened WWE stands for, from the "dark and edgy" storylines that border on the surreal (didn't an 80 year old woman give birth to someone's hand in one of the story arcs?) to Vince McMahon's suspicious fascination with extremely muscular fighters.
This is clearly spoken by someone who hasn't watched the product since the Benoit incident. The show being PG has taken away all the dumb storylines of Mae Young birthing hands and Val Venis having to deal with threats of "choppy choppy your pee-pee." As for the monster 'roid guys, well, there will always be some, but guys like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are getting pushes now, and no one mistakes them for being 'roided up.

Sometimes the stories still don't make sense from a pure storytelling perspective (Vicki Guererro bans the spear, but why? Edge hasn't hurt anyone with it, it just doesn't make sense. As acting GM of Smackdown, she must answer to the Board of Directors, therefore she should have to have a reason to ban the spear. Even if said reason was a heel besides her boyfriend faking like he'd been horribly injured by it, just to justify its banning), but they're not totally insane.

Honestly, what you describe sounds a lot more like TNA. No one should watch TNA.

Oh, and I can't pass up an opportunity to mention my own career, some highlights of which you can view here.
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