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There are only two periods when wrestling meant much to me. The first was the WWF in the 1980s (especially that sweet spot between 1984 and 1988). The second was when the WCW turned into the WWF from the 1980s (around 1996 to 1999). Beyond that, professional wrestling feels trite and desperate, with very little actual wrestling and a whole lot of hammy acting and dumb storylines. I hate pretty much everything the newly christened WWE stands for, from the "dark and edgy" storylines that border on the surreal (didn't an 80 year old woman give birth to someone's hand in one of the story arcs?) to Vince McMahon's suspicious fascination with extremely muscular fighters. You want to see the technical Japanese wrestlers and the acrobatic luchadors in action? Nope, sorry, you're stuck with the stiff beefcakes that Vince will be ogling while his desk stands on three legs. Add to that the fact that anything resembling wrestling is locked behind a pay wall and you've got a recipe for total disinterest.
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