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Originally Posted by widdershins View Post
Hell, if it's only a place for Joe and I to talk about wrestling without bothering anyone, this thread will be worth it, but I think there may be a few more interested parties.
Hey now. I'm more than happy to talk about wrestling. I reject your stereotype that Joe is the only person who would talk about it. Uh....there's Sven! And...uh...

My immediate thoughts: Jesus christ -- I leave for one measly decade and they have Jerry Lawler as a straight man and MICHAEL FUCKING COLE doing color commentary? What is the world coming to?
Auughh. Yeah. He's effective in that he can get massive heat, but he's also just insufferable even if you're aware of kayfabe. I can't wait until they drop this persona if only for my own sanity.

Also, Hornswaggle was fucking hilarious. Pint sized wrestlers and joke entrants to the rumble are par for the course, but that little dude made me laugh harder than he had any right to.
I'm kind of surprised how long they've kept him around ever since they dropped the "Hornswaggle is Vince McMahon's illegitimate son" angle.

Kevin Nash's appearence, and the fan reaction to it (jesus, they were booing Rey fucking Mysterio) was pretty cool too. Nice dye job, guy.
In theory, I'm not a Nash fan, but in practice, the idea of having a new old wrestler in the roster would make me mark out. Too bad this probably isn't the case here.

All in all, if the episode of Smackdown I watched was any indication, the WWE seems to be moving back to a more wrestling focused format, which is more than welcome. While I still think they're still too focused on the impact of "finishing moves", making for less interesting matches overall (especially among luchadores), the quality of the matches was actually a lot better than I'd come to expect in my later days of fandom. I may just check it out for a bit and see if it grabs me. I'll have to find a reliable way to watch Raw though, since I don't have cable and it's not on hulu.
It's because they've moved back to TV-PG standards as a survival mechanism. That way, they can get all demographics and not have to worry about pissing people off. Of course, they still could bring a bit more hate even without the blood...

Also, that dude from the Real World may be the best heel I've seen since Kurt Angle. I was pretty impressed.
The company seems really high on him right now, and while I'm glad they're giving him a chance, I hope they don't go too wild with him to the point of oversaturation. They also have this fixation with putting him in feuds with Lawler, which I'm not so sure about...
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