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Originally Posted by Thinaran View Post
Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon
What I've heard of these guys has never done anything for me. The whole symphonic thing leaves me cold. It also brings up the discussion of keyboards in metal: can they ever not water down the aggression?

Originally Posted by Thinaran
Satyricon - Now, Diabolical
I've heard two songs from this (the other was "King") and kind of dug them. At the risk of blowing my metal cred, I struggle a bit with the more blatant "Hail, Satan!" aspects of some metal (especially black metal). I'm not hugely religious, but it's just something that gives me pause. Maybe I'll elaborate on this later.

Originally Posted by Thinaran
I've also become a fan of Pantera lately, Cowboys from Hell and A Vulgar Display of Power really showcase Dimebag's guitar skills.
Pantera are required listening in my view, but only up to VDoP.

Originally Posted by VioletSon View Post
I take my metal with a hearty dose of electronics, when possible. Has anyone heard Rabbit Junk? Dumb name, but a really great post-digital hardcore outfit.
This strikes me as the bastard child of Big Black and Fear Factory.
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