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Man, Origin and Nile are both sweet.

Ok, so: who here hasn't heard Neurosis? Because they might be the best band ever.

Originally Posted by Thinaran View Post
I've also become a fan of Pantera lately, Cowboys from Hell and A Vulgar Display of Power really showcase Dimebag's guitar skills. And of course there's Judas Priest, Motörhead, and the German band Arch Enemy. Even if you don't like death metal, look at this video of Arch Enemy if only to be blown away by the vocalist.
Oh, right, I forgot to comment on the others: Priest and Motorhead are classics, how could you listen to metal and not know them?

Arch Enemy is pretty good, too. I admit they're a bit over-the-top and cheesey, but a)everyone's got something like that in their musical closet, and b)the singer is hot. Wages of Sin is, and always will be, a fantastic metal album. Their last record wasn't half bad, either.

...the problem with Arch Enemy is that I think of Michael Ammot, who then makes me think of Carcass, and I'm reminded that Carcass is a much, much better band. Heartwork is one of my favorite albums of all time.
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