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It's worse, unfortunately, but it's still not as bad as LoL was and it's easier to deal with. Mute, block and report buttons are right there on the status tab! :D

I still really don't think Johanna's overpowered. She's definitely extremely hard to kill but I think that's balanced by other shortcomings. She's the tankiest tank, but also one of the least deadly. She shines in some party comps and struggles in others.

Also I'm getting really tired of the matchmaking system. Really, really fucking tired. Team comp has always been a shitshow and it's just gotten so much worse. So many games last night had like 3 warriors and 2 specialists, and then we'd get 1 warr, 2 support and 2 specialists, and it seems like everyone stopped playing assassins at all. And it's been so long since I've had an actual good game between roughly equal teams; every game I've played lately has been a disgusting steamroll one way or the other. I guess an influx of new players who need to be placed in MMR is to blame, and also people not knowing what they're doing leading to crushing games, but still.

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