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Originally Posted by Johnny Unusual View Post
Seriously, Terry Crews as The Champion of the Universe, please.
Oh god, yes, PLEASE.

Originally Posted by Zef View Post
By the by, are the Grandmaster's troops specifically modeled after Celestials (I'm SURE I saw three of the guys on the right) or were they just generically homaging Kirby? Because, on a second viewing, holy crap every aspect of Sakaar's design, from the architecture to the ships to the room decor is so Kirby it crackles.

Also I want to get the soundtrack but I dunno if I should get just the specific TRON bits or the whole dang thing.
Whole dang, probably. The movie had an awesome soundtrack.

Also, I really wouldn't be surprised if they went after the Celestials specifically for inspiration. The director said they were going for full Kirby for the Sakaar scenes, and I'm sure they mined all sorts of inspirations. I bet there will be some cool easter eggs to find for Kirby-obsessed people.
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