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Originally Posted by Torzelbaum View Post
I'm trying to remember - what settings need to be used to ensure the pristine pixels that TT demands?
First off, capture your screens as png files, not jpgs, otherwise you risk getting compression noise in your images. Second, if you need to resize them (typically only if you need to make them larger), then check the resampling settings and choose "nearest neighbor" if possible. Of course, your pixel art will get weird if you scale it up by anything other than an integer multiple, so try out a few sizes and see what works best for your LP.

Right now I'm using PicPick for screen captures, since it lets me take a fixed region of my desktop and I can map it to a button (which is then mapped to my controller via Joy2Key). It gets tripped up if I capture too many shots in quick succession, so maybe Irfanview is a better choice. I already use the latter for batch resizing of my images, so I can definitely vouch for it.
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