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Found this post on BBG. Worth a shot?

Now that we are all grown up, here's how we play now...

One major rule change: All questions have to be purely based on what you think the personality is for your person, you cannot ask any question directly or indirectly related to the person's appearance (ie. so you can't say, has your person used a razor on their face in the last week because that would be related to appearance)

Additional Rules:
If you get to your last person and you are wrong, you are allowed to start over, but you can't try and reconfirm what your opponent answered for any previous question, nor can you repeat a question your opponent has already asked in any game you've played that day.

When I was first introduced to this version, I thought it would be virtually impossible to work out, but having played many games of this version, I'm surprised how well I can read how my friends perceive others based purely on a picture. It probably wouldn't work as well with strangers.

Some examples of questions in games I've won have been as ridiculous as:
Does your person prefer your steak from medium well done to well done?
If your person had a fruit bowl on their dining table, would they use fake fruit over real fruit?
Does your person prefer boxers over briefs?
Can your person play the guitar?
Did your person have a job delivering take out food while going through university?
Does your best friend of the same sex have a different sexual preference to you?

Most of the other questions generally get a little more risque and probably shouldn't be repeated here

But if you feel like pulling out your old copy of guess who from 20 years ago and want to make it a challenge...this version is for you!
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