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Egar and I played Battlecon in person at talcon!

I wanted to do an EX Duel, because of course I did. I had the Light & Shadow stuff and I wanted to use them, so I did. Of course, I forgot the L&S rulebook which included the updated rules for EX duels because of course I did that too, so we just went with it. Alternate UAs, EX bases, 30 life.

The strangest thing about an EX duel is the lack of dash/dodge. Since it was balanced for a 2v1, they have Slide, which is a fast 3-space move but it's a weak attack with no avoidance ability on it. The rest are basically just pumped-up versions of the normal bases (soak 2 SG3 instead of SG5 on the strike attack, up to 3 advance on the rush attack, more power and priority, etc.)

I played Alumis (A-lumis. No light. UGH I just got that. This is after I explained Aphotic from her finisher to someone.) and he played Demitras.

Alumis's EX UA is the same but also 1 life loss and -1 power that beat when an opponent steps on the shadow, which changes things up a lot with constantly trying to bait him onto it/across it. Demitras was about the same but had a max of 7 tokens and they each gave 2 power for an ante instead of 1.

It was certainly interesting. It was a slugfest; I ended up winning by 1 health, and there was a lot of back-and-forth. I don't know if it was me, or the UA, or playing against Demitras or what, but Alumis didn't feel like her UA was a huge thing this game. I was always trying to get him onto it for less power and life, but the effects like "stop their movement if they get on it" etc. always seemed hard to pull off. Maybe because Demitras is always up in my face, right? I got use out of the style to soak if I'm on the thing, but similarly to the above the "move to unoccupied shadow" style didn't get a lot of play because, again, switching to the other side of Demitras didn't usually accomplish much. All of my hits ended up being pretty simple standard attacks where I managed to get him to whiff or, rarely, beat him to the punch; there weren't any crazy-cool shadow plays, and I don't think I used my unique base more than once and it whiffed, at that.

It may have been because of Demitras's positioning (read: your face, always), and it may have also been because of his +2 instead of +1 power on the tokens. Those meant that even with a scant few tokens he could bust through my tankiest possible options with ease (One time I had soak 4, on both style and base + 3 stun guard, and he still hit for 8 or 9 base. Or he would ignore soak.) Or come to think of it, maybe Egar's just better than the people I normally play with (which is also certainly true).

Anyway it was neat and I should play Battlecon more the end.
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