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Hi. I'm bored.

I'm gonna do a write-up of the Dodge base.

Dodge is a replacement for the Dash base, which moves the After Activating effect to Start of Beat, but lowers the priority down to 3. This has a number of changes to the balance of different characters, but on the whole it functions about the same. Notably, speedsters who can actually reach 9 priority can't just stop opponents from ever dashing, Start of Beat effects that render you Active Player can't stop dashes, you can't stack Before/After Activating movement onto a Dodge (but can use those effects after an opponent moves if you lose priority) and clashes involving Dodge are easier than those involving Dash (because you don't need your Dodge on hand to clash their Dodge out).

Here's some lists.

  • Hikaru and Demitras both are nerfed by this, Hikaru less so than Demitras. Yes, they can skyrocket their priority, but there's less reason to do so in a game with Dodge rather than Dash.
  • Luc is slightly nerfed, as his five token ante is harder to use when being Active Player doesn't stop Dodge.
  • Seth is slightly nerfed, as he can no longer negate a Dodge with Omen since Start of Beat is unaffected by stuns.
  • Cherri is overall buffed, I think. Losing Crimson Dash as a guaranteed clash kind of hurts, but being able to clash more often overall with Dodge's lower priority is super nice, and Crimson still works just fine with Grasp.

  • Shekhtur is slightly nerfed for the same reason that Demitras is. Skyrocketing your priority becomes less important when Dodge happens at Start of Beat.
  • Marmelee is slightly nerfed for the same reason Luc is slightly nerfed, but it affects her less than Luc does because she can decide to spend on Petrifying after reveal.
  • Alexian gets a buff, as he no longer has to worry about his Dodge being negated by an opponent saving up Chivalry tokens.
  • Runika is nerfed, solely because Overcharged is no longer an answer to literally anything the opponent can do with Dodge active. With Dash, you could overcharge the Hover Boots and deny them the Dash, but against Dodge, you eat one of your artifacts forever.
  • Ottavia is nerfed, because while it is easier for her to acquire a Target Lock, it no longer hard counters Dodge the way it did Dash.
  • CÚsar gets a GIANT BUFF here. He can now Dodge on Threat Level 4, where ordinarily he was either going to Burst, Suppression, or waste one of his other cards that wasn't very useful in a matchup. You will have a very hard time making a case for CÚsar using Dodge anywhere outside of Threat Level 4 now.
  • Aria takes a slight nerf since her high priority isn't as valuable for stopping Dodge.
  • Lymn takes a fairly meaty nerf here, as Fathomless becomes even weaker than usual since it's impossible to get the priority wraparound effect to happen unless opponents are calling her bluff on Disparity (and can actually get their priority that high in the first place). And even if she did, becoming Active Player doesn't stop Dodge anyway.
  • Arec sort of takes a nerf? The fact that he now has to use Fear instead of Recklessness to block a Dodge means that he isn't saving Recklessness to counter almost any other movement effect, so he has to split up his tokens more against any given foe, but he can still block Dodge with an ante where almost anyone else can't, so he's still bullshit powerful.
  • Adjenna gets slightly nerfed. Moving the trigger to Start of Beat makes it harder for her to combo with other move effects, and gives opponents more chances to avoid it, especially with Burst.
  • Gaspar takes a slight nerf, as he can't combine Gordian with a Dodge as easily as he can combine it with Dash for a fast teleport.

  • Thessala takes a slight nerf, since she has an Evolution board option for becoming active player and options for skyrocketing priority.
  • Baenvier gets a slight buff, as Curse Dodge isn't a guarantee that you will explode if you screw up in the same way Curse Dash is.
  • Jager gets a slight nerf, as becoming Active Player no longer guarantees a hit against Dodge, like all the others.
  • Larimore, like Marmelee, takes a slight nerf due to his Active Player thing, but as it's conditional on spending Firepower, it doesn't hurt him as much.

Overall, it hurts a lot of fighters who had methods of canceling Dash that no longer apply versus Dodge, and hurts some fighters who had ways to capitalize on Dash's high priority outside of its autododge effect. Near as I can tell, the only fighters who actually improve due to the change are CÚsar, Alexian, Cherri, and Baenvier (and that last one only in very specific circumstances).

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