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Sasha and I have picked up playing through the characters in Devastation; we're now mostly done Tier 2.

Cesar VS Kajia - A surprisingly tough match; Cesar's got so many advance triggers that it's really tough to not wind up covered in bugs - and Sasha did a great job of punishing when I got swarmed too much. On the other hand he's a lot more fun than I thought he'd be; I was afraid he'd be kind of awkward, but he's really well set-up to cut loose and go to town.

Post-Dodge, Cesar's going to be really interesting, as it gives him a lot of ways to be super-squirrely on his Threat 4 beat. Fueled Dodge is going to rock, letting him probably avoid an attack and skip his Threat 0 beat.

Kajia VS Runika - Kajia's abysmal priority makes landing that first hit super-tough, while Runika has a hard time escaping once the punishment starts. I managed to pull out a win by swapping to Kajia's "Plan B" (plink from range) and catching Sasha's special action with my Cancel, proving once again the value of the old saying "Don't forget your Special Action".
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