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  • Reliable Damage: Yes (Rocket Punch)
  • Ongoing/Environment Destruction: Yes (Disruptive Flechettes, Bio-Engineering Beam)
  • Team Support Abilities: Yes (base power, Innervation Ray)
  • Big-Ass Attack Option: Yes (Defensive Blast)
  • Deck Control: Yes (base power)

You get zero points for guessing who this guy might be a reference to. Anyway, Omnitron-X is one of the first instances of a villain turning heroic, a theme that becomes more popular the further in you go, but which is ESPECIALLY prevalent in the Shattered Timelines expansion (an alt version of Bunker is actually his Vengeance Five counterpart, Fright Train, having joined the Freedom Six). And rest assured, Omnitron-X is just as good at getting a full suite of terror up as well as employing sudden immediate destroyer attacks.

Omnitron-X relies on two types of cards to keep itself in business. First, it has lots of Components. Like its villainous prior form, these cards are all destroyed if it takes too much damage (5 in one turn), but afford automatic start-of-turn effects, and pretty consistently strong ones at that. To keep these cards in play, Omnitron-X relies on Platings, which reduce damage of certain types by 2 points. In addition to making Omnitron-X incredibly survivable against inflexible bosses, they give it the hardiness it needs to keep all its cool toys intact.

  • Start of Turn Effects: It's usually said among our group that Omnitron-X, once set up, gets two turns: their normal play/power/draw, and all of their start of turn options from Components. Which, thanks to the ever-valuable Electro-Deployment unit, includes card draw and card play in addition to the power-like auto-attacks and team healing provided. In fact, if you play a Component at the start of your turn, it'll trigger later down the line that same turn! (Don't play Slip Through Time at the start of your turn, though: it wastes the effect.)
  • Emergency Attacks: Even outside of your start of turn chain of about five or so hero base powers, you have some VERY strong options for changing the game drastically. Defensive Blast requires a Plating in play and one in hand to discard, but deals as many as four instances of 1 damage. Omnitron-X and Unity are best buddies: one Hasty Augmentation on this and you're hitting the field for 3, FOUR TIMES. And of course, Self-Sabotage and Singularity let you turn all the stuff you and your team no longer needs into devastating single/area attacks. Oh, did we mention Disruptive Flechettes, AKA Area Ball Lightning?

  • Frail: Omnitron-X is second only to the Argent Adept for low starting HP, and while their setup ceiling is almost as high, they can be very easily disrupted by one unexpected attack. The game we discovered not to fight Progeny in Insula Primalis, I was walling off basically all of their attacks and doing incredible things with the Elemental Exochassis... until an Enraged T-Rex walked over and asked me what the hell I thought I was doing. Always always ALWAYS be ready for the possibility of your stuff exploding without warning.
  • Expensive: Don't get me wrong, a full suite of Components out doing things for you is incredibly powerful, and maybe you just want the constant benefits rather than the heavy attacks. But if the heavy attacks are what you need, be prepared to pay a lot for it. Self-Sabotage WILL blow up lots of your Components (unless facing another Omnitron deck in which case you can totally blow up their cards instead), and while Singularity is theoretically even stronger, that's only if you're also okay with destroying all of your pals' stuff too. (They will not be okay with this unless they are already in really hot water.)

Notable Cards
  • Bio-Engineering Beam: And despite all of the cool things your Components can do, one of the most valuable cards in Omnitron-X's deck is a power-granting Ongoing that destroys environment cards effortlessly. It's like you're playing the Visionary, except for environments! I mean, environment cards still do things as they enter play, but you can shut down the environment incredibly easy with this sucker.
  • Reactive Plating Subroutine: Irreducible damage always makes Omnitron-X sad. However, Reactive Plating Subroutine makes these otherwise-aggravating attacks sudden opportunities for counterattacks. And like the Isothermic Transducer, these are freely aimed! No self-punching Combat Stance or self-immolating Flame Barrier this! It still works on damage instances you reduce normally, mind, but only if they end up actually dealing damage after the fact.
  • Disruptive Flechettes: While still good, this card isn't NEARLY as ridiculously strong as its villainous counterpart. It only destroys 2 villain ongoings instead of all of them, which don't get me wrong, is still really good. It also sprays damage indiscriminately across the villain and environment play areas, which could be a bad thing, you don't want to hit the Dreamer or the Abject Refugees. Still: very strong, good card. I like it. Play it at things. Thank you.

Variant Strategies:
This Unity-reassembled variant trades out the ability to accelerate anybody's deck for even more insurance if your stuff gets destroyed (as it undoubtedly will be). Volatile Wiring effectively grants the effect of Unity's Volatile Parts card, but freely aimed, whenever your stuff dies. This occurs regardless of who actually does the destroying, making Self-Sabotage and Singularity ridiculously powerful attacks. It also lets you either play another card or recover something from your trash, which are both really nice and let you set up quickly if your stuff keeps getting broken for whatever reason. Not quite as good as the original in longer matches where you can afford to set up, but that's mostly due to the lower base health.

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