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Danger Levels
  • Minions: Middling
  • Direct Offense: Middling
  • Disruption: Low
  • Defenses: High
  • Ongoings: Low
  • Deck Randomness: Middling
  • Nemesis: Haka

And finally, the first mini-pack villain. Ambuscade posits the theory of an evil Jean Claude van Damme, one that hunts the even more dangerous game than the most dangerous one. From playing against him, he seems kind of like an early attempt to be Iron Legacy: someone meant to have lots of attacks and defense, but with little maximum health. Since all of his Devices are targets, you can and should blow them all up to limit his capabilities to shoot you.

You can also blow up his Trap cards, but you don't want to. When they enter play, they get shuffled face up into the villain deck, and if you ever reveal one from there (even through deck control options or Armed and Dangerous!) it gives him a beefy attack. It's rare that these actually survive long enough to get played, but since Ambuscade shuffles his deck and accelerates his card play enough, you need to be careful.

Superhuman Hunter
Ambuscade starts with H minus 1 devices in play. If one of those devices is his Personal Cloaking Device, he instantly flips, so that's neat. Anyway, Ambuscade's devices give him extra attacks and defenses. Some attacks come from the Devices, and some from Ambuscade himself wielding them. Even without Devices, he ends each turn by attacking the highest health hero for H minus 1 projectile. Which in a vacuum? Totally tolerable. But keeping all of his Devices in check is difficult.

Advanced: Ambuscade gets a point of damage reduction on this side. Since he can already increase his defense even further with Reactive Plating, this can add up quite a bit and render him untouchable. It still does nothing for his Devices, so keep 'em destroyed.

Invisible Stalker
Ambuscade only flips to this side when the Personal Cloaking Device enters play, and he flips from this side at the start of the turn if it's not in play. This means that it takes a bit of time to actually stop cloaking him, which in turn makes him immune to damage for the remainder of the round it gets destroyed. He has two copies of Vanish that revive/search it, and Armed and Dangerous can, of course, potentially field it. The real problem with this side, though, is that Ambuscade switches from highest to lowest HP hero target for his attacks, without lessening the damage he deals. This is a problem.

Advanced: Ambuscade's damage on this side is irreducible. I mean, your strategy for this is the same as without: break that Personal Cloaking Device ASAP. It just means that the damage reducers you'll already have out will just be a bit weaker until then. But again, you'll already be actively working on fixing this as soon as the cloaking device enters play.

Challenge - Trap Master: Y'know how Traps don't do things? Well, they do now. All traps enter play already armed, and respond to being discarded by playing the top card of the villain deck anyway. I mean, that still makes them effectively one-shots that are weaker than Omnitron one-shots, but it's the thought that counts. And don't forget, this is on top of his built-in deck acceleration and throwing out a bunch of cards to start the game. Definitely don't bother with the deck control in this fight, just swing at him like a goon.

Good Strategies:
  • Damage Reduction: It seems like the meta in the core game of high-damage single attacks has since shifted to multiple smaller attacks as time has gone on, now that the devs have realized the implications of having all these damage amplifiers and reducers out. In any event, Ambuscade not only has lots of attacks on their turn with their Devices, but out-of-turn attack possibilities with the Sonic Mine and Reactive Plating, so reducing damage overall is a good idea, ESPECIALLY when Charged Attacks hits the field.
  • Multi-Target Attacks: Not to be confused with area attacks. Yes, you want to destroy lots of Devices. But attacking indiscriminately will trip the above-mentioned Sonic Mines and Reactive Plating. That aside, you'll have a lot of targets to deal with, and incentive to hit as many as you can. Bring your Taiaha. And hey, if you run out of Devices to hit, Ambuscade only has 50 HP. That's barely a number in this game.

Bad Strategies:
  • Deck Control: Even outside of having one of the few active counters to sifting through his deck with his Trap cards, Ambuscade shuffles and accelerates his deck so much that controlling his card play is almost impossible. The only kind of control you should actively try for is blocking villain card plays, and that's a rare and expensive option for many heroes. Much more efficient to just shoot his Devices and call it a day.
  • No Setup: Yeah Ambuscade only has 50 HP, you might be tempted to just play heroes with low setup ceilings and just go nuts at him. But the Personal Cloaking Device and Sonic Mine kind of require you to have an option for your turn that doesn't involve dealing lots of damage, lest you suddenly find yourself with nothing to actually do. Doesn't really matter WHAT it is, so long as it's something aside from "bleeh guess I'll draw two" like some kind of Absolute Zero.

Notable Cards
  • Charged Attacks: This is literally the one ongoing card in Ambuscade's deck. It is worth bringing an ongoing-destroy effect just for Charged Attacks. The damage boost for Ambuscade is bad enough, but giving him an area counterattack every time you destroy a Device? No. Not okay. Again, he only has the one copy, but remember, Ambuscade shuffles and accelerates enough that you'll probably actually see it at some point in your game.
  • Personal Cloaking Device: While Haka doesn't have as much interaction with his nemesis as Fanatic does with hers (nobody does, really, except for Omnitron-X but they're really weird), he CAN use Savage Mana to steal Ambuscade's Personal Cloaking Device, thus preventing him from ever flipping. I mean, I guess his Hakas can also be useful to deal with his other stuff, but Haka can eat the cloaking device is the big takeaway here.
  • Sonic Mine: This one is one that, like Relic Spirits, you'll usually want to leave alone. However, if you block the damage it deals (which doesn't originate from Ambuscade like literally everything else) you're fine. Hypersonic Assault is one of the best ways to disarm Sonic Mines, although we also accept Thorathian Monolith, Ground Pound, Heroic Interception and other similar cheating options.

Now to environments, once again! How long it's been.

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