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Danger Levels
  • Minions: Middling
  • Direct Offense: High
  • Disruption: Low
  • Defenses: High
  • Ongoings: Middling
  • Deck Randomness: High
  • Nemesis: Fanatic

The nemesis rules, prior to Infernal Relics, were mostly there for flavor's sake. Yeah, the mutual damage is there to encourage fighting your nemesis directly, but few, if any, villain decks were designed around the nemesis fighting them. Apostate is one of the few instances where it's basically two separate fights: one where you bring Fanatic, and one where you don't. His deck and character are just so fine-tuned around the possibility of Fanatic being in play, it's worth fighting him twice, once with and without her. Shame his Relics are so damn annoying.

Infernal Emissary
Apostate plays basically like how you'd expect a villainous version of Fanatic to play. His unique sword Condemnation starts in play, and he uses the melee attack from that in conjunction with his Exorcism-esque innate attack to hit the ground swinging for plenty of damage. Since he does at least two attacks a turn from this, damage reducers are nice to have. The main thing to note here is his mechanic for flipping. Every Relic card he plays is a potential Aegis of Resurrection for him, which might be easier than actually destroying the relic in question. For Fanatic, it usually is easier!

Advanced: Apostate also begins play with the Tome of the Unknowable in play. This low-health Relic revives Condemnation if it's dead when the Tome is destroyed, and plays a villain card whenever a hero draws a card. This is honestly not a huge problem for an Advanced trait unless it is because of deck randomness. As long as he doesn't deploy something to protect it first, make the Tome your first priority.

Dark Corruptor
Most games, you won't ever see this side. Flipping Apostate to this side heals him for 20, and destroys the lowest health relic. He maintains the same flip-revive effect on this side, except it destroys the highest health relic and doesn't heal Apostate. In fact, it only triggers dependent on his HP total: you can still kill him with destroy effects like Wrathful Gaze or Sucker Punch on this side! His attack on this side is weaker, but it hits the lowest HP hero and heals him slightly, so don't leave him here too long: flip him to this side only if you can't make a dent in his relic network.

Advanced: Whenever a Demon card is destroyed, Apostate plays a card. This is, again, not too bad most of the time, because if you've actually made it to this side, demons are the least of your worries. Hell, if you're doing it right, you're leaving Relic Spirits alone, because no way are you gonna revive multiple relics at once.

Challenge - Demon Lord: Remember how Demons are the least threatening of Apostate's cards? Well, now they're Fowl cards too, and chain into another Apostate card play. This is really bad, and only gets worse on Dark Corruptor mode on Ultimate, where destroying Demons ALSO chains card plays. This means he'll set up his relic network even faster, which in turn makes destroying it as fast as possible very important (ideally without flipping him to destroy one).

Good Strategies:
  • Irreducible Damage: Runes of Malediction give every relic 2 points of damage reduction. Condemnation and the Periapt of Woe, which both improve Apostate's offense significantly, already have innate damage reduction. The Corrupted Effigy revives the Runes or searches the deck for them. The Orb of Delirium redirects relic damage to itself and has a lot of HP. This is a ridiculously efficient defensive network, which can be made much more manageable with even a single source of irreducible damage. Parse steps up to the plate against Apostate and breaks every single one of his things like they don't exist.
  • Damageless Target Removal: This fight is one where things like Wrathful Gaze, Final Dive and the like is actually a really strong option. Apostate's Relics have relatively low health, but incredibly high defenses, so being able to destroy them (or even just remove them from play for a moment via Into the Stratosphere or similar) can open up a weakpoint for everyone else to exploit. This is also incentive to ignore the relics and attack Apostate: yeah, it makes the Tome of the Unknowable and the Periapt of Woe impossible to kill, but maybe it'd be more efficient to just force him to consume one to stay alive.

Bad Strategies:
  • Killing Relic Spirits: Is there a relic you don't like in the trash? Congrats, don't kill Relic Spirits. Like, target prioritization is already really important against Apostate for how hard it is to kill everything and the order in which you have to kill things, but the Relic Spirits exist to taunt you into killing them. Don't do it. The healing they provide the other relics isn't worth reviving them all by killing them. Only kill a Relic Spirit if there are literally no Relics in Apostate's trash.
  • Heavy Setup: As you might've noticed, Apostate's setup cap is almost as good as yours. But he has the Apocalypse on his side, and you don't. Even End of Days can't stop him here: it kills demons (including Relic Spirits WHAT DID I JUST SAY) but can't touch Apostate's relics. If you DO plan on going heavy setup, prioritize defenses over offenses and get an ongoing destruction card in hand as soon as you can, just so Apocalypse can't screw you over.

Notable Cards
  • Periapt of Woe: In an alarmingly common trend, Apostate has lots of damage instances on any given turn, but they're individually... I don't wanna say "weak", given Condemnation and Remorseless Provocation exist, but tolerable. Unless he has the Periapt of Woe. Then all of those damage instances are a little bit sharper. And with its innate heavy damage resistance, the Periapt is really hard to destroy. Even if you don't care about the massive defense array of his Relics, the Periapt is reason enough to bring irreducible damage and destroy effects. It has low enough health to be instagibbed by Final Dive, so that's nice.
  • Profane Summons: And here we are. This card is usually what sets up Apostate's ridiculous defensive array almost instantly. If you have a deck control specialist, and they see this and Apocalypse on the top of his deck and can only keep one? TAKE THE APOCALYPSE, IT HURTS LESS.
  • Apocalypse: The reason Apocalypse hurts less is that, like Forced Deployment, you can take it down before it does the actual field-wipe effect, but unlike Forced Deployment, you don't get punked if you do destroy it early, because it doesn't kill anything if it dies early. And as mentioned before, if a card destroys an ongoing card when it's destroyed (Bee Bot), use it to destroy Apocalypse before it touches your stuff or Relic Spirits. Apocalypse kills his demons, too. We don't want Relic Spirits dying, remember?

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