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Originally Posted by MCBanjoMike View Post
Except! When I started playing it from Apple Music, this wasn't the version of the song that I got! It seems like Cake rereleased some of their albums a few years back and, for some reason that I fail to comprehend, they totally remixed this song. The guitar sounds different, the arrangement has changed and the whole thing just isn't satisfying. What's with the George Lucas treatment? Nobody wants your specialized edition, Cake!
It wasn't quite that much of an overhaul but Marilyn Manson released a slightly different version of "The Beautiful People" on the Lest We Forget collection that isn't nearly as good as the version on Antichrist Superstar. Specifically, they increased some of the ambient noise and the creepy keyboard sound after each collection of verses, before the pre-chorus, was changed to this kind of electronic wailing and it is god awful.

The new version irks the shit out of me every time I hear it.
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