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Recap of Valyria/Valyrian Steel/Dragonglass

Valyria was the country that did too much fire magic and was destroyed for their hubris.

Valyrian steel is steel the Valyrians forged by using fire magic.

Dragonglass is a naturally occurring element (basically obsidian, so created by volcanic activity ... and in the case of Dragonstone maybe also powerful fire magic that might as well have been volcanic activity) that was used to make stuff because it's sharp. Magical ancient civilizations and magical forest sprites also used it because its volcanic origins imbued it with fire magic.

Originally Posted by R.R. Bigman View Post
Where do the Sorcerers from the House of the Undying get their magic from? In the show, their magic came back or was greatly strengthened by the dragons being around.
Magic growing back is a global phenomenon, and your guess is as good as any as to whether you think some individual event in the story triggered it or whether that's just a cycle. (There is a dragon and egg question: Did the dragons hatch because magic was returning, or did Dany trigger the return of magic when she hatched the dragons?)

The Warlocks from Quarth are associated with all that mystical far east business that will probably never get more than a surface level explanation. You basically just get the sense that beyond the known world there are a lot of types of magic that will never be explained, including those guys.

However, I would say that you've be safe to bet that all of the analysis Ample Vigor laid out above about the in-world principles of magic apply to them as well, if a full explanation were provided.

And it seems like they largely practiced visions, glamours, and extending their own mortality by stealing the life from others, which is pretty much all within the realm of what anyone else has done with magic.

Whether that means they are getting magic from a god of fire, or whether you think that means maybe the god of fire isn't a thing at all in a first place is open to interpretation.

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