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Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
I didn't know if dragonglass is magic obsidian, or all obsidian is magic and it's just called dragonglass. The connection between dragonglass and Dragonstone made me wonder if dragons had a hand in making it or there was some other connection there, but maybe that's not necessary.
I don't watch the show, but in ASoIaF all magic is death magic.
The Children watered their weirwoods with blood. The Valyrians used slave labor to mine for dragonglass, their Steel, and other wonders until the combined deaths woke up some slumbering horror and obliterated their society. The Faceless Men can only take the faces of the dead, and their price is suicide. R'hllor, or whatever people are calling R'hllor, is fed by burning people alive. Only the Seven perform no obvious magic, and ask no human sacrifice.
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