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Originally Posted by Rascally Badger View Post
Every episode should end with them returning Wells to the time stream and picking out a new one.
... so now Wells is like his own team of MASK agents?

I approve.

(I do kinda wish they'd used the Wells-es as more obvious Easter Eggs for Elseworlds, although I doubt they're ever going to put the effort into designing a world that they did with E-2. I guess English Fop Wells could kinda be Gotham by Gaslight? Then again, they already fucked up by flipping Earth 2 and Earth 3....)

Personally, I want Hillbilly Wells as the full-time version. Cavanaugh thought playing a full season in a wheelchair was tough?

Oh, and last night's Arrow was goddamn weird. The AV Club reviewer hit on my main issue with it - it seemed to assume, even more than the Constantine episode last year, that the viewer was intimately familiar with Christopher Chance. Except that, yeah, there was a Human Target TV series on the air relatively recently... but that was basically completely different than the comic character and went through like six attempted retools over two seasons. And I'm pretty sure less people watched it than watch Arrow, which is saying something.

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