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Originally Posted by The Dread Cthulhu View Post
But yeah, Season 3's probably best overall. If you can ignore the last 10 minutes of the finale.
This is true of almost every finale of the new series. There is some fantastic buildup, but the resolution leaves you empty and sort of cheated. Like how in season 1 Rose literally becomes a godlike being to resolve the conflict.

Utopia was just amazingly awesome outside of the "futurekind" whose only purpose was to give us a "mortal danger style" cliffhanger (and as far as cliffhangers go, the true one is a hell of a lot more compelling than the danger one. Sound of Drums was pretty good, but yeah the last 10 minutes of Last of the Time Lords was complete garbage.

There was this spoiler heavy article on about things they hope RTD learned from the previous finales. I agree with a lot that is said there, and am secretly holding onto the hope that End of Time parts 1 & 2 are going to be as awesome as Waters of Mars was.
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