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Originally Posted by YangusKhan View Post
I think Punch Drunk Love is a dark rom-com. Somewhat light on the "dark" but it's there.
Originally Posted by Ample Vigour View Post
Definitely Punch Drunk Love. I'd also put Rushmore up there, though it ends on a happy note.
Rewatching Punch Drunk Love, and it's wild to think about how when I first saw it, I conceptually and intuitively understood what anxiety was, yet somewhow hadn't grasped how much of prime mover it was in my life. Yet watching it doesn't cause me anxiety, no matter how tightly wound it is. Maybe it's on account of the overriding catharsis of, "finally, something that understands!"

Also, "He Needs Me" and the bedroom scene is one of the GOAT cinematic couplets.

EDIT: Of course, Barry's damage runs a lot deeper. But the movie presents a world where every anxiety about social interaction is made manifest.

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