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Originally Posted by reibeatall View Post
On the contrary, when I edit the podcast I cut anything I get bored lsitening to, and I make cuts so that it ends up being roughly one hour in length.

As for Dizzy's feedback: I'm glad you're listening to it, but my favorite podcasts are all rambling and go off-topic whenever, and I prefer that style. Plus, it's easier.

On the other hand, most ramble-y podcasts are as long as they want to be and make few cuts, and I feel a tight podcast should shoot for an hour in length. Half hour is way too short for a podcast. This isn't super focused like, say, Stuff You Should Know, so the digressions - to me - are as entertaining as the actual topic. Hell, half the reason I like dumb action movies are because of conversations like this, and all the stupid stuff that comes up when you watch one on the couch with your buddies.

I'm not sure how much of your suggested structure is a joke, but I can see where you're coming from - but more often than not I've heard stiff structure do nothign except stifle what could be a good podcast, and I don't want that. If you're looking for only on-topic discussion and thought-provoking stuff, I guess we aren't the guys to provide it. If you want some good discussion and dumb jokes and wrestling trivia and fun, well, we're shooting for that, at least.

Anyway, I haven't listened to the newest one yet, so I'll see what's what, but in general this is how I feel re: podcasting. (And you guys thought I never gave this much thought!)
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